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What school subjects do students most often have difficulty passing? Although everyone is different, math courses like algebra; science classes like chemistry; and history and English courses invariably top most students’ lists of “toughest classes ever.”

Algebra, chemistry, history, and English are required subjects for most, so passing is a necessity, not an option. But even if a difficult class isn’t required, it’s usually well worth pursuing—despite the difficulty. In fact, it’s the challenge that so often makes a tough course worthwhile.

Achievement begins with the right resources.
Working diligently is always a good idea. But for some courses and some students, simply trying harder isn’t enough.

Parental involvement is great, too. But parents don’t always have the time, the skill, or the knowledge it takes to assist their children with school projects, check homework, or help them prepare for tests. Even fellow students or “study buddies,” as they’re sometimes called, usually can’t provide the quality help that students who are really struggling need.

That’s when professional help is required.

Luckily for students in Stamford and surrounding areas, Tutoring Services, LLC provides qualified, reliable tutors for elementary, middle school, and high school students in a wide variety of academic subjects, including “tough” classes like chemistry, algebra, history, and English. We also provide test prep tutoring for standardized exams like Praxis 1, Praxis 2 subject tests, the GRE, the GMAT, the ACT, and the SAT.

Find a tutor in Stamford.
Students who find a tutor in Stamford, CT through Tutoring Services, LLC will not only get a knowledgeable teacher who can provide homework help and test prep, but also a qualified professional who can explain difficult concepts and provide valuable feedback one on one.

Additionally, our tutors are true mentors who teach valuable study skills and work habits that pay off in every class—and in life.

Professional tutoring isn’t free, nor is it as cheap as hiring a student tutor or buying a study guide. But the results are well worth the cost: improved student performance in the classroom, higher grades (often across the board), and happier, more successful students. Once students begin doing well on tests, completing their homework accurately, and finishing labs, they often find that their performance in other courses (and other areas of their lives) improves, too.

There’s just something about success: it breeds more success.

Hiring a private tutor could be the best decision you’ll ever make. Whether you’re ready to hire a tutor today or simply interested in getting more information, contact us today by calling 203/340-0391203/340-0391, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .