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Take control of your studies with Academic Private Lessons in Stamford, Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan CT

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We utilize exact match domains to gain trafic across multiple search engines to help parents and students find us.

Our company offers Tutoring Services for

  • Students preparing for college
  • High School, Middle or Elementary level students
  • Home Owners who want to learn either specific skill or a trade
  • Study Tips, recommendations, and Test Prep Resources for various Academic and nonacademic Exams

 A little bit about our service

         Thank you for visiting our company's site.  If you live near areas of Stamford, Greenwich, Darien or New Canaan or in any other areas of Fairfield CT /Westchester County NY and looking at this page, congratulations you have found us, the number 1 Edu organization, and test prep/academic tutoring company in Fairfield County Connecticut and Westchester County New York.

         Introducing Tutoring Services, LLC, specializing in academic subject help, test prep for school teachers, adults, high school students, middle school and elementary school kids, including college level students and just in general k-12 type of audience. 

We Value our academic business and therefore decided to help CT and NY students reach their highest potential with the help of our state of the art unique method of test preparation using diagnostic study system ranging in test preparation for GEDMCAT, LSAT ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, Praxis 1/2, Para Pro,ACCUPLACER, ASVAB, reading/writing and math test and many other tests. 

We also prepare students for CCNA, SDN, WIFI, computer programming type of subjects and every day use computer subjects that students may benefit from the most.
       We have created a flexible educational platform to allow teachers in the state of CT and NY to work with Tutoring Services, LLC as independent contractors delivering academic educational services in math, science, and English directly to student's homes. 

With our proprietary recruitment platform, unique Edu-learning programs, carefully curated optional study guides and highly specialized subject matter expert delivered directly to your door or online waiting to assist you with your academic test prep needs we are able to provide high-quality tutoring services for k-12 grade level students of New Canaan, Darien, Greenwich, Norwalk, Rye.


Student Benefits Location and Pricing in nearby Areas and Stamford City


         Our professional tutoring takes place at student's home, public library or Starbucks, or alternatively for students on the budget online.  Instructor's pricing is based on hourly rate and strictly depends on qualification and educational experience of a tutor. 

Some of our academic tutors are certified teachers and some are subject matter experts. 

Our subject matter experts and teachers offer discount packages where the more hours you buy the more money you save, helping students and their parents save money on educational expenses. 

To view our individual tutor pricing review subject on interest in the right-hand side of this web page and click on it to see subject details.

          We cover nearby cities and can help middle school, high school, and elementary grade level students from Greenwich, Norwalk, Westport, Weston, or Wilton with their homework and prepare students for their mid-terms or finals.

Also, some of our tutors offer first 1-hour free trial tutoring session, where you do not have to pay unless you are satisfied with your first hour. 

Giving an opportunity for student parents to try tutor before committing to entire package cost.

  Be sure to review packages of our instructors carefully since each tutor can declare their own package price.


Professional Edu Service for Stamford Residents in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY


Parents and Students of Stamford CT our tutoring agency company offer a professional and reliable level of educational expertise, servicing students of all ages and grade levels k-12, college and adult levels.

Take a look at some of our major qualities and decide for your self if hiring our subject matter experts make sense or simply call the phone number on top right corner. 

We help prepare students for paraprofessional tests administered by ETS, and other tests such as SAT, GRE, GMAT, Praxis 2 and many other exams. 

We have educators and experts in math and reading who can help you with your studies.


Flexibility is the Key for Stamford Town Residents with best prices

We do not lock you into single tutoring price!  As other local companies do, we let the market drive prices.  Our tutors work with student's schedule and if the student is not satisfied we can always find students another local tutor.

Parents work with matchmaking specialist who reviews parents' needs and provides a recommendation of which tutor to chose, based on matchmaking criteria.

Parents can compare experts side by side and decide which subject matter expert is right for them.


Great Selection from Variety of Subjects offering ranging from Math, SATs, English, Science 

From Math to Science, to English to TOEFL, SATs, GRE, GMAT, to even breakdancing and computer networking subjects is what we offer. Don't trust other companies who say they can do it all, the truth is no one can, however, trust someone who developed a system to recruit talented subject matter experts, review them and offer these experts to parents of Fairfield County CT.



Local Service Area Focused Edu Company for CT Residents

We focus our tutoring services around areas of Stamford Connecticut and nearby cities of New Canaan, Greenwich, Darien, Wilton, Westport, Norwalk and surrounding Westchester County NY. The owner of the company works in Stamford, lives in Stamford and travels often to interview candidates and work with parents directly.  


Privately owned tutoring agency in CT not dependent on any shareholders 

Not a national Franchise public company, single owner not driven by any shareholders running a business as LLC, owner works directly based on what tutors and students/parents want in order to provide high-quality tutoring services. 

The owner also created many other sites for tutors to work independently and provides an abundance of affordability and tutoring discount pricing packages throughout the network of sites that no single entity can ever match in Fairfield and Westchester County area. 

Our tutors can tutor your son or daughter privately at your own home.


Reliability of our professional services cannot be matched to any other matchmaking tutoring company.

           Our tutoring service is reliable, some of our tutors offer first-hour risk-free tutoring session trial if a parent does not like their tutor they don't have to commit to tutoring for remaining of the discount package and will get their refund.  Our company's name is Tutoring Services, LLC our official site for independent tutors is 

We have an official name and not some .org or dashed domain name tutoring site.   Parents of students who need help can contact us directly by the phone number on top right corner above, and we can help with matchmaking process, if parent wants to do business without going through the agency then parent can visit our sister website where there is plenty of tutors to chose from, perfect for parent  on the budget. 

However, if parent wants more personalized matchmaking service with high quality and reliable results where tutors are verified by the owner and certified teacher of the state of CT, who personally reviews candidates and ensure that they are qualified to do tutoring, and does due diligence prior to referring such candidates to parents then don't hesitate to contact us by the phone number on top right corner, or simply search for tutor on this site and then contact us when you decide which tutor you would like to purchase packages from.




Why should you hire us and not any other educational company in Fairfield County CT

      Here are just some of the benefits our Tutoring Services, LLC company offers for Stamford Residents/Parents/Students and teachers.

Our portal provides a flexible advantage for students helping parents and students find the right tutor, or alternatively contact us to help you find the right subject matter expert. 

All thanks to innovative solutions brought to you by our companyTutoring Services, LLC. 


What differentiates us the most is that we are not only in educational sector providing training for students but also in an educational corporate sector where we provide training for corporate companies in fields of IT Networking, Software Testing (ISTQB), Cyber Security, and many other sectors. 

Our primary focus is academics and helping students find their subject matter expert is one of our primary skill sets.




Wow, what? Math Tutoring Services and Breakdancing for Kids and Adults in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien and New Canaan CT?


       Attention parents of Stamford city CT, in addition to academic subject help we provide, sports program such as teaching students breakdancing, and providing k-12 students with intuitive easy to learn math exercises, drills, worksheets, tutorials and homework help, specifically designed to improve student's math knowledge while providing critical level of motivation by leveraging sports-related activity in the form of Breakdancing. 

So where are we located? 

We are located in Stamford CT, however, our services have no boundaries for Fairfield and Westchester County students, and our tutors can provide services not just in Stamford CT, but in many other regions of CT and NY including online.


           Our team of breakdancing instructors in Stamford CT are available and ready to come out directly to your house in Stamford and teach your children math and breakdancing.  View our videos and profiles to see what we can offer.

Tutoring Services, LLC believes in learning process not only by learning but by combining learning with activities that are fun and intuitive and extremely awesome! 

Math and Breakdancing is a unique approach that is perfect for students with low self-esteem, wanting to gain confidence socially and academically. 

We have the expertise to help your son or daughter or even if you are an adult with gaining proper balance in life, physically and mentally.


Breakdancing Prices and packages for students grade k-12




How exactly does this whole breakdancing + math work?

     Students who take breakdancing with us, start off with solid math worksheets for various grade levels as warm-up exercises, and then once they finish with worksheets kids begin learning tricks from breakdancing experts. 

Learning process takes precedence over having a fun process.  We have various parents who already have engaged with our services and are extremely happy to have a team of breakdancing instructors helps students not only in breakdancing but with math. 

Motivation is the key factor here, and we are the only company to deliver that level of motivation.  No other Tutoring Services Agency in the whole state of CT or NY can provide this type of service. 

If you simply want to learn breakdancing view our program details here.  Note for Adults who want to learn how to breakdance, we also offer our services, and not just breakdancing, but we also have personal fitness trainers. 

Hence regardless if it's Zumba dancing or simply learning right set of exercises to lose weight, our personal fitness trainers can help adults in Stamford CT lose weight and provide personal training services directly in Stamford CT students' homes. 

Both breakdancing and math lessons are sold separately.


Private School Exam test prep for CT | NY and NJ Parents trying to get their kids enrolled in private schools




      Find out how you can help your son or daughter improve their SSAT or ISEE score, and increase their chances of entering private school. 

If our agency matched tutor is too expensive for your child's future education, then don't hesitate to prepare for your exam either from local tutors advertised on our site where no agency fee involved, yet lower quality match is expected or from the self-guided test prep material in the form of practice questions, flashcards and more.

We are all about helping Fairfield County Parents residing in Norwalk, Greenwich, Darien, Cos Cob, New Canaan, Rye, Portchester, Westport, and other areas save money on educational expenses.  View Fairfield County ISEE tutors and study guides here.  For SSAT tutors and Study Guides click here.



Types of Educational Services offered         

We realize that there is multiple ways to learn subjects, some ways are more effective than others. 

We also realize that for many of the Stamford residents it can be challenging to find affordable education, which is why we provide several educational options for Stamford Residents interested in getting tutored privately locally, online, by email or through self-study programs.

We believe education should be affordable and therefore we provide flexible options for students with different needs, affordability income brackets.


Academic Test Prep and Tutoring for students k-12 and adults                                       

Local - Our subject matter experts, can provide private lessons to your son or daughter directly in your home

Online - Our online content developers/subject tutors can provide students with online subject help utilizing whiteboard and mic.  Example for students seeking online math tutors.

Study Guide-  Self-guided materials, in form of software, e-books. flashcards, exam secrets, for students who can't afford a tutor.



How Does Local Tutoring work?

Our Tutors come directly to your home and provide instructions for academic subjects in math, science, English or test prep or computer related subjects. 

How does Math program by email works?

Students get math worksheets emailed to their email address, then submit the math worksheets completed by students back to us, our tutors correct them and send scores back to student and parents.


How does self-guided study material works?

Students can review software material, flash cards or exam secrets or any other materials suitable for a specific test, or subject from our and enroll into our self-guided diagnostic study system where students go through learning exercises and videos at their own pace and take practice tests. 


Math and Science Supplementary to School Tutoring  Common Core program for k-12 Students by mail

        Attention Stamford Residents Parents and Students, interested in learning math or science on your own with the help of supplementary common core worksheets for Math and Science, with drill exercises for math and science students? 

We have created unique math program for students attending Fairfield County CT or Stamford CT schools and Westchester County NY. 

Our unique and best Math Program is divided into multiple units where each unit covers specific mathematical topics and exercises, designed to help students do better in school. 

For pricing of our supplementary common core worksheets contact us and we can craft you custom program for your child attending Stamford High School, Westhill, Scofield Middle School or any other school, for your grade level specifically tailored towards students' subject and level of expertise. 

          We would email you these units and exercises, so you can give them to your son or daughter and have them go through these exercises.  Exercises have a scoring metric and have answers for every question, in the separate booklet.  

This is a monthly membership program where student parent is billed monthly for this program.  It's a perfect supplementary program for kids going to school and needs additional help in parallel to their school studies, that is focused on common core standards.  Interested in common core?

Contact Tutoring Services, LLC today. View our Math Tutoring Program for CT and NY Students here.


Test prep for Project Managers trying to become PMP Certified

Find out how Tutoring Services, LLC helps PMP exam test takers prepare for Project Management exam, view study guides, local tutors, test preparation advice and more.


Teaching Solutions for Educators of America


We also focus on solutions for teachers that can help educators of America make part-time income.  We provide tutoring job placement opportunities by leveraging multiple platforms and also provide test preparation study guides for current educators of America and future teachers, that can help educators become certified teachers for the state of CT. 

Listed below are just some of the solutions we offer for teachers residing in Stamford CT and nearby areas.


Teaching Certification Online Courses to prepare for State of CT/NY Subject Exam

3 Course Types available - Self Guided, or Tutor Guided or Both

Purpose: Helps teachers prepare for their state cert exam, increase their qualification and chances of making more money teaching students.

Example of our Biology Test Prep Product for Teachers in the State of CT preparing for Praxis 2 Biology



Hence if you need assistance in your teaching test prep studies doesn't hesitate to contact us, our subject matter experts can help in prep for your Praxis 2 teaching certification exam or any other teaching cert exam.

We realize you can be attending University of Connecticut, Sacred Heart, University of Bridgeport or any other local college or university and may need to prepare for your teaching certification exam in order to become a certified subject teacher. 

Contact us to help you with your content knowledge teaching certification exam or study from our self-guided prep material and become confident in your test-taking strategies and your teaching certification exam.



About to sit your CPA test? Find out how to improve Score with local Fairfield County Accounting tutors & Video courses


Why not get help from local Fairfield County CT tutor, study with both local tutor and study guide who can help you prepare for Accounting test. 

Read Reviews, compare prices, study with intercombination of both test preparation resources for your CPA accounting test or let us help you get matched with the CPA accounting tutor. 

Discover how you can study for your CPA test properly, for all sections of the exam.  

We also help Westchester County students who need help in preparing for this exam.  Compare CPA Study Guide Prices, view latest exam info, view local tutors and more.


Preparing for medical school?  How far are you into your MCAT studies?


Get help from the local subject matter experts and study guides. Preparing for your medical exam doesn't have to be difficult.  Inter combine your studying with a combination of both study guides and tutors.



Interested in becoming certified Teachers for the State of CT or NY?


Let us help, we offer a variety of study guides, designed specifically for teachers created not only by Tutoring Services, LLC but by different vendors specializing in academic subjects. 




Advertisement Platform for Teachers and Subject Matter Experts  in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY

Purpose: Helps teachers and subject matter experts, be advertised on a network of sites in an effort to land student assignments.




2 Types of Teaching Advertisement Solutions Platforms Available.

Type 1.  Agency Commission Based Platform for Independent contractors partnering with Tutoring Services, LLC

Type 2.  Independent Based Platform for Independent Tutors who do not want to share a commission with the agency.



We have 1 website that follows Type 1 Teaching Advertisement Solution

Website. (interconnected with entire network of local tutoring sites)

Purpose.  To provide exposure to subject matter experts un the er commission-based model, where Tutoring Services, LLC charges commission fee from every tutor for advertising them in our platforms, with tons of free features designed to make tutoring match making the experience more intuitive and user-friendly. 


Best option for Fairfield County and Westchester County Teachers/Subject Matter Experts

To enroll as an agency managed tutor consider visiting our hub page.



We have 2 websites that follow Type 2 Teaching Advertisement Solution

Website 1.

Purpose: Allows tutors to create free tutoring profile, showing their hourly rate and qualifications where students can contact tutors for free and tutors can offer 1st tutoring session as "$15 Try Before You Buy Trial"  where students can contact subject matter experts, with expectation that students will receive 1st hour trial lesson  for $15 where $15 would go towards Tutoring Services, LLC, administrative fee that we charge to offset our expenses and provide free advertisement service to tutors.

Our tutors can also offer to students in their profiles Free first Trial tutoring session, or $15 Trial or no Free Trial (as trial not available).

Website 2.

Purpose:  Allows teachers/educators/professors, instructors, lecturers and any other subject matter experts post their tutoring ads, where students can find such ads.  Great alternative to Craiglist and Free. Created by Tutoring Services, LLC for teachers on the budget, who do not want to pay anything for posting any ads.




Website 1. Details

Tutors who register on this site make money independently, note as the independent contractor affiliated with Tutoring Services, LLC but rather as an independent tutor advertising their services on our website where subject matter expert can show their own hourly rate, get contacted directly by students, no commission fees, no middleman to deal with. 

Independent tutors do their own taxes and do not receive 1099 forms at the end of the year for this business model, in comparison with the Business model where we charge tutors commission from every hour tutoring.

Trial Feature Functionality For Independent Tutors on our Site


Get a local tutor for $15 for your first lesson

Dependent on what type of Trial tutors offers in their profile, students can contact tutors and either request free Trial session, where student doesn't pay anything at all and tutor provides first 1 hour of free trial session, or student can contact tutors who do offer $15 trial session and pay Tutoring Services, LLC $15 and receive first free tutoring session from tutor. 

Students who contact users with profiles that do not offer $15 trial and offer Free Trial are less likely to receive a response from such tutors since such tutors are limited to messaging restriction of up to 3 messages, however, it doesn't hurt to try and still message such tutors anyway.  

Dependent on what type of Trial tutors offers in their profile, several options are available. 


For tutors who offer $15 Trial in their profile

Messaging restriction is lifted off, and such tutors show up higher in search results than other tutors offering completely Free Trial.


For tutors who offer Free Trial in their profile

Messaging restriction applies to 3 messages, meaning tutor can't respond back to a student beyond that number.

Such tutors show up higher in search results than tutors who do not offer any trials what so ever.

For tutors who do not offer Free Trial at all

Messaging restriction applies to 3 messages, meaning tutor can't respond back to a student beyond that number.

Such tutors show up lowest in search results in their city.


What? Independent Tutors Show up on Multiple Domains!

      Independent tutors want to increase your visibility even more by registering on  Do not want to work for an agency as an independent contractor, do not want to share your profits with the agency? 

Want to keep it all for yourself?  Why not enroll with our premium basic membership where it would allow you to show up on multiple domains in multiple subjects increasing your chances of being found by students. 

We have subject tutoring sites for most popular subjects, such as English, Chemistry, Algebra, and others.  



So how do students find our Subject Matter Experts?

Such students may either find subject matter experts through our hub or spoke sites, some of our spoke sites examples that we have in our system are shown below. These sites are advertised automatically on google and bing. 

Bing loves exact match domain sites and pushes sites with exact match domain higher in search results, Google tends to stay away from exact match domain sites and prefer similar domain based sites. 

Since our network of sites consists of multiple domains, with exact match, and with non-exact match domains, we are able to focus on both marketing search engines and increase tutor's exposure.

Additionally, we advertise our tutors on social media sites such as and others.

       We can help tutors increase their exposure and minimize administrative headaches of trying to do marketing all by yourself and instead sign up as an independent tutor and take advantage of the benefits we offer you. 

To maximize your exposure we always advise tutors to register not only on our site but on any other sites out there that offer similar opportunities.

Examples of our Academic Spoke sites and examples of how students can find such students online are as shown below.



Algebra Spoke Subject Site



Chemistry Spoke Subject Site



English Spoke Subject Site


Tutoring Services, LLC have their own network of educational sites that are designed to drive student traffic to tutor's profiles, where is a hub and other subject sites are spokes.  An example of our English Tutoring Spoke Site.


Our site provides functionality for tutors offering $15 trial to be advertised free of charge on our network of spoke subject sites. 

In other words if you happen to be subject matter expert in both math and English, and want to be advertised on our spoke sites as well in addition to hub site then providing that you offer to students 1st $15 Tutoring Trial (where you offer your first trial to student free of charge), you will be automatically advertised on math and English spoke sites that we have available. If you do not offer $15 trial you will not be advertised on our network of subject spoke sites. 


Our Premium Feature gives maximum Exposure to Tutors

         For tutors who want to register in more than 3 subjects in both hub and respective spoke sites and increase their chances of being contacted by students even more, show up higher in search results than the members who do offer $15 trial, additionally tutors would not be obligated to offer $15 trial for first tutoring session if they enroll into premium membership and can opt out of that option. 

Premium membership also gives tutors way to differentiate themselves by showing a beatified color frame around their profile as well as not being limited to messaging restriction.  Premium Membership provides independent tutors flexibility to be advertised on the hub and spoke sites for a low monthly fee.



For additional $30 fee, independent tutors can request background check verification, Tutoring Services, LLC can run a background check and display such tutors with Background Check Verified Stamp in front of tutor's profile. Both Date when the background check was run and stamp would be shown for other students to see. 

Tutors do need to be premium members to request a background check, background check fee can be purchased separately, regardless if you are a premium or non-premium member. 


Background Check Online will be conducted by Tutoring Services, LLC through our website




Teaching/Tutoring Jobs available with Tutoring Services, LLC as local Tutor/Content Developer in Stamford CT or online


         In addition to hiring content developers, we also hiring teachers locally in Fairfield County to help us tutoring local students.  We have rigorous qualification requirements, including background checks completed tutor profile, resume references, testimonials. 

Our tutors who work for Tutoring Services, LLC are automatically advertised on our entire network of local tutoring sites in Westchester and Fairfield County and get highest priority placement in matchmaking based on proprietary tutor rank algorithm.

Our tutors benefit from working part-time as a local tutor and can also work with Tutoring Services, LLC in content development for their academic subject of expertise. 

Tutors who do not work directly for Tutoring Services, LLC can work as independent tutors registered on our sister with premium profile option site   We advertise our teaching job sites in our teacher job and tutoring job advertisement portals constantly, don't hesitate to sent us your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at phone number above to discuss your tutoring job employment opportunities. 


Tutoring Job Advertisement for Agencies and Learning Centers

Solutions for Tutoring Agencies - Have a subject you want to come upon?  Have a set of subjects you would like to show higher on search results? 

Want to gain access to our teacher job advertisement portal and tutor job advertisement portal?  We have several sites available where agencies can advertise their jobs. 

Access to our jobs portal is $75 per 3 months period, where we give you access to 3 tutoring dedicated sites, where the agency can post their jobs.  

Sites available to post on include,,,,   Blog site also available where you can post ads in your city $5 per blog entry for 3 months period,  Blog sites are per subject per state per city.   Agency writes their own blog article and we upload it. 


Computer Training is also available for students in CT Greenwich, Darien, and nearby cities

 computer training


             Tutoring Services, LLC helps high school, college, university and adult students in Stamford who are trying to become computer networking gurus obtain internships, help students with job resume, job placement and provides students with IT Computer Training.

If a student is trying to become Cisco Certified Network Expert or simply trying to get some hands-on learning experience or needs help in computer programming or IT Computer Networking, then our company can help. 

We have subject matter experts who can train students in PHP language, Java, C++, Ethical Hacking, Network Engineering, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment and anything related to IT Network Infrastructure.  

           Our IT program is designed for students who are serious about becoming computer specialists, IT Directors, IT automation engineers,  in the future or interested in getting a technical level job, but need a boost in their study practices and method of preparation that will earn them a competitive edge over other students. 

If you are interested in IT Training or if you are Adult who needs computer help, or gets their house interconnected wirelessly or learn from a subject matter expert how to use Excel, Word or any other computer program then we have the right expert at your footsteps who can train you directly in Stamford CT.  To view more info about our Fairfield County CT computer training visit our NetworkConsultant.NET site. 


Basic Computer Training for Adults in Connecticut Greenwich, Darien, Westport, New Canaan, and other cities

         Looking to improve your computer skills?  Trying to learn that PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Excel? Applying for work?  Is your employer asking you to learn these computer skills?  Trying to improve your job marketability, but simply can't understand how to use the Internet or how to prepare presentations? 

Our computer trainers can help you directly in your home with preparation for computer subject. 

We realize that computer literacy is the key in the digital age, which is why we decided to tailor our services not only towards academic student needs but towards adults and seniors who simply need computer help and can't seem to get that level of help from anywhere.

Our computer instructors offer tutoring services directly in students home in Greenwich, Darien Westport or New Canaan, and even if you do not have Microsoft Word installed, our trainers have laptops that they can bring with them to learning session and show adults how to use computers. 

        Our computer trainers can help adult students with the creation of a resume, learning computer basics, creating powerpoint presentations, learning how to use Excel desktop publishing app and simply learn how to master computer concepts quickly and efficiently with the help of our trainers who can come directly to student's homes.  

The 21st century doesn't have to be difficult to overcome let our trainers and instructors help.  Contact us by the phone number on top right corner to reserve your 1st computer training lesson today! 

Discount pricing packages are available!  Note Microsoft Word is not the only computer basic skill set that our subject matter experts can provide. 



 We also have variety of Study Guides for student who want to study on their own





Need online Math Tutor or would like to become one?  We got you covered!






College Essay Prep for Students in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY


 Need essay paper help?  Let our company help you find perfect subject matter expert in Fairfield County to help you prepare for your college essay. Our College admission experts can help your child with academic test prep paper or college/university paper. 

Getting Essay help and getting into college can be the most critical step in child's academic career. 

Get your child best essay help they truly deserve and contact us to help your son or daughter make the right decision when applying for college.


Tutoring Services, LLC is going Green helping CT Students Save Money on College Books!!




         We realize that there are several colleges and universities in Stamford, CT, such as UCONN, University of Bridgeport, and others. 

We also realize that education should be affordable which is why Tutoring Services, LLC has created UsedCollegeBooks.NET to allow students in colleges/universities to sell their used books directly to each other avoiding the middleman, reusing old textbooks, helping us save trees and avoiding expensive college bookstore fees.  Education is already expensive as it is, why spend more money on books when you don't need to.

        Our website is designed not only for students to be able to buy and sell books directly from each other on college campus, but also to be able to buy, sell, rent books online from the cheapest bookstores, avoiding having to wait in line in college/university bookstores and being able to buy the cheapest books for your college class in Stamford CT, regardless of what college/school/university you are attending.   

Tutoring Services, LLC is not just here to sell parents a tutor, but rather provide parents options with affordable education for anyone living in the city of Stamford, or other nearby cities of Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, Rye and lower and upper Fairfield County and Westchester County.  

Tutoring Services, LLC helps students sell their old books and make money!


If you are a student living in Westchester County New York or Fairfield County Connecticut do not hesitate to visit our used books site and list your books for sale, then have other students in Stamford CT schools colleges and universities find you and buy your book.  The site is perfect for college and university level students interested in making some fast part time cash.

  Tutoring Services, LLC provides multiple methods for college students to make money.  Selling used educational books in Calculus, Pre-Calc, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Engineering is just can help students get some money back for their expensive books they purchased. 


Tutoring Opportunities for College students in Fairfield County CT!

We realize that college can be expensive, which is why we offer a method of earning additional part-time income for students who are already attending colleges and universities in Fairfield County CT to join Tutoring Services, LLC as a local subject matter expert.

  If you are a college student and interested in this opportunity, and happen to be a subject matter expert, in any of the following subjects, History, Chemistry, Praxis 2, Biology, Physics, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Computer Science, IT Networking, Physics, then do not hesitate to contact our Tutoring Services, LLC agency and join us in helping students in Fairfield County CT do better in school.  Apply today.



Why are Academic study Subjects so important?

What school subjects do students most often have difficulty passing? Although everyone is different, math courses like algebra; science classes like chemistry; and history and English courses invariably topmost students’ lists of “toughest classes ever.”

Algebra, chemistry, history, and English are required subjects for most, so passing is a necessity, not an option. But even if a difficult class isn’t required, it’s usually well worth pursuing—despite the difficulty. In fact, it’s the challenge that so often makes a tough course worthwhile.


Achievement begins with the right Learning resources.

Working diligently is always a good idea. But for some courses and some students, simply trying harder isn’t enough.

Parental involvement is great, too. But parents don’t always have the time, the skill, or the knowledge it takes to assist their children with school projects, check homework, or help them prepare for tests. Even fellow students or “study buddies,” as they’re sometimes called, usually can’t provide the quality help that students who are really struggling need.

That’s when professional help is required.

Luckily for students in Stamford and surrounding areas, Tutoring Services, LLC provides qualified, reliable tutors for elementary, middle school, and high school students in a wide variety of academic subjects, including “tough” classes like chemistry, algebra, history, and English. We also provide test prep tutoring for standardized exams like Praxis 1, Praxis 2 subject tests, the GRE, the GMAT, the ACT, and the SAT.


Parents Let us help you Find the best tutor in Stamford CT

Students who find a tutor in Stamford, CT through Tutoring Services, LLC will not only get a knowledgeable teacher who can provide homework help and test prep, but also a qualified professional who can explain difficult concepts and provide valuable feedback one on one.

Additionally, our tutors are true mentors who teach valuable study skills and work habits that pay off in every class—and in life.

Professional tutoring isn’t free, nor is it as cheap as hiring a student tutor or buying a study guide. But the results are well worth the cost: improved student performance in the classroom, higher grades (often across the board), and happier, more successful students.

Once students begin doing well on tests, completing their homework accurately, and finishing labs, they often find that their performance in other courses (and other areas of their lives) improves, too.


There’s just something about success: it breeds more success.

Hiring a private tutor in Stamford CT could be the best decision you’ll ever make. Whether you’re ready to hire a tutor today or simply interested in getting more information, contact us today by calling 203/340-0391, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Or contact us from the bottom right corner chat icon.

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