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Tutorials are an alternative intervention for students who are struggling with their lessons or who want to work ahead. They’re also ideal for individuals who are preparing for standardized tests like the Praxis I and exams in the Praxis II series.

At Tutoring Services, LLC, tutorials are fun learning experiences delivered by experts in their academic fields. We have tutors on our team of professional educators for every academic level, from kindergarten through college. They also offer tutorials in a variety of subjects, including mathematics, history, English, biology, physics, chemistry.

Tutorials take the stress out of learning.
Excessive noise, bullying, competition and other distractions that commonly occur at school aren’t a problem during tutorials, which take place either online or at home. With friendly, helpful tutors in a relaxed, peaceful environment, students review difficult concepts, work on projects, get homework help, review for exams, and engage in other activities appropriate to their academic needs. They can even learn valuable work habits that will benefit them in all their classes and throughout their lives.

We offer safe tutoring at a reasonable price.
At Tutoring Services LLC, we stand by our commitment to help students achieve their academic goals by providing them opportunities to learn in a safe, professional atmosphere. To that end, we screen each of our employees, verifying their work and academic records and completing a criminal background check on each individual.

Although the quality of our service is high, our rates are not. We offer tutoring that’s reasonably priced so that it’s accessible to most.

If you’re interested in arranging a tutorial for yourself or your child, contact us today, either by email or by calling the number on your screen. You’ll be glad you did.


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