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Our Tutoring Services, LLC Test Prep company specializes in finding qualified tutors and study guides in the following subjects.




Test Prep Subjects and why get help from us

 Test Prep help for a variety of academic and nonacademic subjects.  Get help from tutors who live nearby Stamford CT, either in neighboring towns of Darien, Greenwich, Cos Cob, Norwalk, Fairfield, Weston, Wilton, Rye, Port Chester or other locations.  


Learn from subject matter experts tricks and methods to prepare for your exams, view our subject matter experts profiles, take advantage of tutor discount packages to save money and get help from a local expert for any of the exams shown below.  Follow the links and view tutors and study guides.  Use study guides to reinforce your knowledge test taking skills and use a local tutor to get advanced further in your studies.


 Achieve your goal, advance your academic success and/or career.  Improve your test-taking score, get better grades in school or on your homework and surpass your peers. Education is the key to success.


 Staying educated and leveraging the right set of resources to help you reach your goal is the best investment you can make.  If you are on the budget and can't afford a local tutor contact us to recommend alternative option.  We can recommend an online tutor or another tutor from our sister site named where there is no agency fee and the first lesson is only $15 (then work direct). 

However, no agency fee means lower quality service and fewer chances for not doing well on your exam.  With the agency help, we get to recommend you study guides, local tutors, and online tutors and within or close to your budget, and help you find someone who can make a difference for you or your son or daughter.  

Hence, to get help from our agency either call us from the phone number at the top right corner or simply respond from the chat window below.  Or click this link to tell us exactly what you are looking for and fill out the form.

For College Placement  & Entrance Exams

>>ACCUPLACER  Save money on college expenses by skipping classes by doing well on ACCUPLACER test

>> SAT

SAT special learning tactics, Khan Academy is not enough!  Don't make the same mistake other Stamford CT students make!

For Military Entrance Students

>>ASVAB  get into military Navy Seals, Army, Marines, Air Force


For Graduate Schools

»  GRE

Graduate Record examination exam

»  GMAT Test Preparation help for Graduate Students

Discover Reviews, special tactics for passing your exam, or even get tutored in the math section of GMAT with the founder of Tutoring Services, LLC dang!

For educators in elementary and secondary education

»  Praxis 1  Prepare for you Academic Core exam that includes both math and English

Teaching certification exam multiple subject areas

»  Praxis 2  Prepare for multiple exams depending on your teaching specialization.

For English second language speakers

»  TOEFL  master English 2nd language and get into college

For Para Professionals

»  ParaPro Test for Paraprofessionals ETS Exam

The ParaPro Assessment measures the skills and knowledge in reading, writing, and math possessed by prospective and practicing paraprofessionals. It also measures their ability to apply those skills and knowledge when assisting in classroom instruction.

It was designed to satisfy the requirements of the federally legislated No Child Left Behind Act.

It also offers an objective assessment of a prospective teacher’s requisite foundation of knowledge and skills and the ability to effectively use those skills in the classroom. 


For Private School Exam Entrance Exam

High school Students exam and Middle School Students Exam Test Prep

ISEE test preparation help for CT students, SSAT Private Lessons Study Guides and Instructors and advice

Competition is stiff don't let other parents beat you to having their kids in private school entered first instead of your kids.   If a tutor is too expensive for you to consider studying from self-guided resources, that we conveniently list for ISEE upper, middle and lower level exam, test-taking students.  Study with confidence for your test.


Trying to become Certified in Accounting CPA exam?

Learn how to prepare for your CPA exam with the help of local CT tutors in Fairfield County or Westchester county or online

Discover, local tutors, reviews, state requirements, test prep tactics, study tips, recommendation advice, saving money for students and making money opportunity for tutors, top accounting schools, information about the test, how to prepare effectively, if to use the tutor or not to use the tutor, leverage study paths created by Tutoring Services, LLC to help you get ahead of your test preparation studies! 

Discover test prep vendors, who use adaptive killer learning technology and these who do not, find out what works what does not or even get a local tutor in CT near Stamford come directly to you teaching you CPA.


Trying to get into medical school?

Find out how CT and NY students in Westchester County can prepare for your MCAT Exam here.


Trying to Become Project Manager?

Looking to obtain Specialization with more than just being PMP Certified?  Learn how to become PMP, get specialization In information technology, cloud, and software-defined networking.  Browse, tutors, trainers, courses, reviews and study guides from different test preparation vendors.  Or search for local tutors.


Trying to become a lawyer?  Have you passed your LSAT yet?

Search for local LSAT tutors in Fairfield county CT or Westchester County or prepare online with self-guided test preparation materials.  Find out how.


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