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Are you considering tutoring as a part-time job, but you’re not sure you’re qualified? Are you doubtful that you could get an adequate number of clients if you did decide to become a tutor? If the answer to either question is “yes,” we hope the following information will be helpful. Who knows? You may decide to apply for a tutoring position in Stamford with Tutoring Services, LLC.

Tutoring Versus Teaching
While teaching in a traditional school classroom involves serving huge numbers of students, tutoring involves working with one student at a time or a very small group of students. School teachers follow a standardized curriculum that meets national, state, and local mandates. Tutors also follow the required curriculum in that they reinforce the lessons students receive at school. For example, tutors may help students review chapters and/or class notes, check their homework, complete projects, and study for exams. They may also provide personalized remediation, designing individual lessons to help students better understand difficult material and learn key skills and concepts at their own pace.

While most traditional teaching occurs face-to-face, online tutoring is becoming more and more popular.

To be part of the Tutoring Services, LLC team in Stamford, applicants must be qualified to tutor in one or more academic field, as well as provide test preparation for standardized examinations such as the Praxis I, one or more Praxis II subject test, the GMAT, GRE, and SAT.

Often, the bulk of a tutor’s responsibility lies in assisting students with eliminating bad habits and enhancing good ones. To this end, tutors help students develop better study habits and study skills so that in time they will be able to study and complete homework and other assignments independently.

Highly qualified tutors are experienced, certified instructors who hold degrees in one or more academic field. Of course, new teachers are also qualified to tutor in their subject areas, and some college students who excel in their studies may prove to be good tutors, too.

If you are a teacher or a graduate student who is looking for a part-time job, tutoring is often the best option, allowing you to gain teaching experience while you earning extra money.

Think you have what it takes to be a successful tutor? Contact us by phone or email for more information about our programs and services or to apply for a place on the Tutoring Services, LLC team in Stamford. We can guarantee you a continuous stream of clients throughout the year. (To qualify for employment, tutors must pass a background check. Once hired, tutors must pay a small percentage of their tutoring fees to Tutoring Services, LLC to cover administrative costs.)

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