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Teacher Certification

Teaching is of the most stable professions in the world today. While compensation and benefits for licensed teachers differ from one state to another, one aspect of being a teacher remains constant: there are always job opportunities for teachers during the summer and outside the regular workday, such as tutoring.

Teachers must have a lot of patience, dedication and commitment. They must also work hard to help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life. To this end, teachers routinely develop, assess, and modify lesson plans; prepare daily instructional activities and materials; grade papers; and record and monitor student progress. They also must instruct classes in such a way that their educational goals for the day are met.

Teacher Certification Requirements

To become a full-fledged teacher, one needs to earn a bachelor’s degree and pass required standardized examinations for teachers. The Pre-Professional Skills Test or PPST evaluates a teacher’s basic skills, including proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics. It is required by 40 states. The National Board Certification Test (NBCT) is another popular teacher exam. A high score on it indicates top-quality teaching ability and looks great on any teacher’s résumé.

Mandatory teacher exams often include the Praxis I as well as one or more tests in the Praxis II series. Other requirements vary by state, county and local school district. Usually, these are available online through department of education websites.

If you are interested in becoming a certified teacher in Connecticut, you must complete the State of Connecticut’s requirements for teacher certification, which include obtaining a degree and passing examinations that evaluate your skill and knowledge in your chosen field.

Alternative Certification Programs

For those who want to become teachers but have not finished a bachelor’s degree, many states offer alternative certification programs. Alternative certification programs are most often found in states that are experiencing teacher shortages.

To find out more about alternative certification programs where you live, visit your state’s department of education website.

Certified Teachers & Tutoring

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