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Parents and students hire tutors for a variety of reasons. For many, tutoring is an affordable way for them or their children to learn a comfortable environment—a safe, relaxed atmosphere where studying and completing homework is easy.

We help learners grow.
According to some studies, more than 80 percent of parents who employ tutors see a marked improvement in their children’s grades and overall school performance after three to six months of regular tutoring sessions.

Tutoring Services, LLC is a dynamic team of professional tutors who positively impact the academic progress of the students they tutor. They also teach students better study habits and study skills, and help them become more responsible, self-reliant, and confident learners.

Our tutors are reliable.
Our tutors have been thoroughly vetted so students are assured safe, reliable, quality instruction every time. To be part of our tutoring team, educators must pass a thorough criminal and professional background check to verify their education, their experience, and their suitability for employment. We accept only the best.

Our tutors are successful.
Once hired, our tutors create individualized lessons to meet each learner’s needs. The result? Students who experience the success they need to become happy, active participants in their own education. And as a student’s confidence grows, so will his or her sense of responsibility and level of cooperation in the classroom.

Our prices are affordable.
Clients in the Stamford area also select Tutoring Services, LLC because of our competitive rates.

If you or your child need academic assistance, contact us by email or by calling the number on your screen.

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