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School Ratings

School ratings measure student performance in respect to the national academic goals and objectives established through the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), also known as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). While higher ratings indicate that a school is achieving its goals, lower school ratings indicate that the school needs improvement in some areas.

Parents and the community should be properly informed about the ratings of their local schools.

The Nation’s Report Card
No Child Left Behind strongly focuses on measuring student learning through standardized testing, and has as its primary goal student proficiency in language arts, mathematics, and reading by the year 2014. To achieve this goal, a process was developed to ensure that local school systems show consistent annual yearly progress (AYP). Part of the process includes school rating systems and National Assessment of Educational Progress examinations (NAEP).

NAEP exams evaluate the knowledge and skills of American students, providing information about their performance in various content areas. The results of NAEP examinations make up the Nation’s Report Card, showing student progress in subjects such as writing, reading, science, and mathematics. Geography, economics, civics, history, and the arts are also assessed annually.

In order to prepare for NAEP assessments, schools, students, and parents must work together.

Student Achievement & Tutoring Services, LLC
Tutoring Services, LLC tutors are well versed in their subject’s curriculum, including both state and national learning goals and objectives (LGOs). They can prepare students for many types of examinations, including the NAEP. In fact, simply by reinforcing what students learn in class and providing personalized instruction that’s in keeping with state and national LGOs, our tutors positively affect student achievement. And that’s reflected in the Nation’s Report Card.

Tutoring Services, LLC provides both online tutoring and home-based tutoring, as well as tutorials. Whichever you choose, you’ll find that our tutors are always prepared and always equipped with the appropriate learning materials for each session.

At Tutoring Services LLC, our foremost goal remains constant: to promote student achievement by providing reliable, individualized instruction within a nurturing environment. It’s guaranteed.

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