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You’ve tried everything to help your teen improve his grade in pre-calculus. You grounded him for a week after he failed his first test. You promised him a new car if he made an A. You even arranged for his friends to come over after dinner for a study “party.”

That was before you hired another student to tutor him on weekends. Nevertheless, his grade continues to fluctuate between a C and a D. But that’s not the worst of it: he doesn’t really understand the work. He needs expert help; he needs a professional pre calculus tutor in Stamford. Our agency can arrange it.


AP Pre-Calc, and Calculus Tutoring in Stamford CT

Our Company Tutoring Services, LLC specializes in matching students with reliable, knowledgeable and experienced precalculus tutors in the Stamford CT area as well as surrounding cities of Norwalk, Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Rye, Westport, Wilton and other closely related areas.

Our instructors can provide effective private tutoring either online or in-home at a reasonable fee. Scheduling your child’s first session is easy. Simply call the number at the top right corner of this site or email us. Rather than merely trying to pass, soon your child will actually be learning the concepts in precalculus that he or she needs for future math classes.

 Our Stamford Math Tutors are highly qualified 

Our tutors are highly qualified individuals in the field of mathematics; in fact, many of them are certified teachers. They not only know their subject matter, but they also know how to communicate it effectively to different types of learners. Why wait? You’ve tried everything else. It’s time to call in a professional to provide your son or daughter with the precalculus tutoring in Stamford that he or she needs to succeed.



Math and studying Calculus doesn't have to be difficult

Calculating limits and discovering the meaning of slopes and derivates doesn't have to be difficult, especially with the help of a local tutor.


Why study Calculus and it's meaning?

Many college students in the University of Connecticut, Norwalk Community college and other schools, including high schools of Fairfield county areas, Westhill and Stamford High are studying calculus.  However, there is one problem with studying calculus. What's that? Well, it's not exactly fun. However, if high school student is given the opportunity to study calculus with the help of someone who explains concepts of calculus, then studying math can become quite entertaining. 


Where is calculus used?

Calculus is fundamental subject to the answers of the universe.  However, due to its complexity and a strong level of analytical thinking requirement, it’s often disregarded by students or brushed off in the corner.   The result of brushing off calculus can leave high school students in fear of math for many future academic years.  Without realization that math is truly beautiful. 

It’s beautiful on its own, and twice as beautiful when it’s used in context.  In the context of realization that there is something bigger then math, and in the context of realization that math is a universal law.   Law that is applicable across many universes, law based on which science is derived, a law that keeps senses of familiarity throughout life’s journey. 

Unfortunately, the true form of calculus and it’s art is not realized at the early age of high school or even college or even graduate level, simply because once a student is exposed to fear, it’s difficult to distinguish it.   Another reason why Calculus is often brushed off is simply due to many students not liking it, because it requires time and analytical mindset the mindset of the creator, engineer, scientist.

However, the brain doesn’t get developed until it reaches a certain age (unless you have the right level of guidance), and concepts that we see throughout life do not necessarily get questioned until a later stage of our life.   However, if you take a moment of your time and sit down and try to analyze concepts that are happening daily in your regular life, and open up a book of calculus and try to relate to these concepts using patterns, numbers, relationships, curves, limits then you will start realizing that majority of our life is circulated around math.  In fact, entire Pre-Calc and Calculus is nothing more than a geometrical circle. 

The circle that can be expressed in functions and functions that surround us, including airwaves, including highways of information that we are exposed to without even realizing, including how our bridges and roads are designed, including principles of physics, and everything around us.


Some of the fundamental concepts to know when studying calculus

Absolute Value Canceling Units Polynomials Slope of a straight line
Fractions Engineering Notation Ratio & Proportion Variables
Place Value Exponents Simple Factoring Descartes' Rule of Signs
Metric Conversions Graphing Solving Linear Equations Factor Theorem
Solving Polynomials Binomial Theorem Composition of Functions Complex Numbers
Inequalities: Absolute Value Inequalities: Quadratic Linear Programming Sequences and Series


Rome Wells Journey of Studying Calculus

        I graduated from Stamford High School, in school since grade 12 for whatever reason I knew I wanted to become a math teacher.  Yet I never became one, or should I say, I did become one, or perhaps I should say I became certified math teacher for the state of CT for grade level 7-12 yet I never actually taught on full-time basis other than the time I ended up teaching in Stamford High school for 1 year as an intern and student teaching at Academy of Information Technology school in Stamford. 

What I became is not a teacher, what I became is an IT Security engineer, data scientist, writer, part-time math tutor, marketer, break dancer and many other things in between.   Now if you ask a normal person what do you do before the rise of the 21st century digital age? 

The normal person would respond I am a mechanic, or I am a lawyer, or an accountant or a teacher or a doctor or an engineer.  Yet, as the time shifted and a new era began to shape our lives, the new realization that in the new world we can not be secure with the single job unless we have multiple skill sets and can wear multiple hats. 

The new trend of the 21st century is the realization of being in multiple places in multiple times and being exposed to multiple events, multiple career paths, and multiple lives.    


 Why is this a trend?

                                  The reason why is simple, not that many people can afford to have a single skill that they are good at, and nowadays multiple sets of skills are required to stay secure in the modern world.     This level of realization and evolution came from the simple fact that now  in the 21st century digital age we are accustomed to seeing more digital videos, pictures, annotations, so much more that if we calculate the number of digital pieces of information we receive in our brain now vs 20 years ago before the revolution of the digital age and rise of the internet. 

This surge and spike of activities in our brain makes us realize and see things that we haven’t seen before, giving our brain power and ideas, in fact so many ideas, that our brain simply can not focus or chose with 100% confidence something that we know for fact we want to do with our lives.

   The exposure to images, or what so-called “memes” and a massive amount of overload in our brain will result in the creation of many new inventions in the years to come.  However, the realization of how all of the distinct pieces of information come together is truly the art of a mathematical mind.    In the future leaders will be required to make decisions, a decision that can help businesses make money.  Understanding how one decision impacts another and the relationship of such decision is a fundamental concept that many businesses will be looking for in the job candidates.

If your son or daughter is in the early stage of studying calculus and is discouraged from studying math, it’s ideal to get someone who can help your son or daughter focus in understanding calculus. 

Unfortunately, there are not that many people who understand calculus.  Yet Calculus is constantly being offered as a subject in high schools, colleges, training centers, universities and other locations. 

It’s very easy to dismiss Calculus and very easy to brush it off especially if something doesn’t make much sense.  With the local tutor in Stamford CT, it’s much easier to understand math calc concepts simply because local tutor can help students better understand and better analyze slopes, limits, derivatives and other pieces of Calculus.    In fact, Calculus doesn’t make any sense until time is taken to properly understand and analyze multiple functions and understand their meanings in graphical format then be able to relate to information present in the graph using an analytical approach.


More reasons to  get better in Calculus

Often many standardized tests that high school students face after college or even to get into college, require the knowledge of Calculus and Pre-Calc.  College Placement exams such as ACCUPLACER, and other exams like SAT all require knowledge of Pre-Calc or Calculus, without the knowledge of calculus, students can miss out on many opportunities, including scholarships, as well on missing out on opportunity of spending more money on college then they have to (read my ACCUPLACER exam study tips to see how college students can save money on college expenses)

Other reasons for doing well in Calculus is so you can actually do well in college especially if you are about to get into computer science and engineering major or chose any other math related major.  Why am I telling you this?

 I am telling you this because my major was in computer science and engineering, then it was switched to math and math education and what I saw was nothing but math and calculus.  Do you want to know the most shocking thing about Calculus? 

Well, the shocking thing is that even after graduating in pure math major Bachelors and math education for my Masters, and graduating with teacher certification in grade 7 -12 math I still did not know Calculus. 

 Now you may say wow, how is that possible?  The answer is simple if the brain is not ready to receive Calculus it will not be ready even after you spend time studying for it.   Why is that?  The answer is quite simple,  that answer is because I did not have someone like me “Rome Wells” explaining and guiding someone like you.  (Obviously,  I learned Calculus after getting my degree and graduating college but it was way later…. Later after my trip to Hawaii… which is another blog of its own and another story, but the point is… the brain does not get developed until later stages of life unless it’s properly guided)

If I did have that opportunity and was able to get someone like a data scientist, math tutor and IT engineer, marketing expert, app designer, network consultant, break dancer, apps business creator, to come down and teach math when I was in high school and if I had money to pay for such person, then I would be willing to gladly pay for such person 3 times any tutor’s regular rate, if I knew what I know now.  

        However, luckily not everyone who resides in Stamford CT or Fairfield County or nearby Westchester County can afford to hire Rome Wells (modern 21st-century educational advocate).  Which is precisely the reason why I created this website for Stamford CT residents and nearby Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Westport, Weston, Poundridge, Ridgefield, Rye residents with the purpose of helping you pick the right tutor for your son or daughter and helping you help your future self, because, at the end of the day, investment that you make for your kids today are the dividends of tomorrow.


Looking for online calc tutor as oppose to local to save some money?

If so you are in luck, our company Tutoring Services, LLC also offers online math tutoring services for Stamford CT residents.  The price of online math tutoring services is cheaper than local, however, the overall level of effectiveness is higher when math tutoring is done in person. 



To request online math tutor, contact us from the top right corner phone number or let's talk chat icon at the bottom of the screen.   Alternatively for even better learning effectiveness students can get local tutor + online.  This way students can take advantage of high level of learning effectiveness from a local tutor in Stamford or from the nearby local area in Fairfield County, while simultaneously supplementing themselves with homework help from an online calc tutor. 

This would allow students without spending too much money on the local tutor and still get benefits for a higher level of learning effectiveness.   

Beyond Calculus

What does this Tutoring Stamford Site have to offer?

Our local tutoring site is strategically positioned to target local area residents and helping them realize the truth about education by guiding the youth of Fairfield County in the direction of being successful.  How can Fairfield County and nearby Westchester County youth be successful?  The answer is…. by being open minded, and being open minded requires an analytical mindset, yet at the same time the type of mindset that is relevant to today’s 21st century digital age.   

Start your analytical mindset training by preparing with a Calculus tutor in Stamford CT, helping you discover the meaning of life, reality, and everything around you.  You can either do so by reserving as a tutor Rome  Wells himself to go directly to your home in Stamford CT or nearby cities of Fairfield county and tutor you in Pre-Calc or Calculus or any other subjects ranging from everything that Rome Wells knows about education, marketing, business or even breakdancing….. this is one of your options.  Although often, I am not available which is why I have created a network that utilizes the power of other teachers in Stamford CT and surrounding areas, helping students learn Calculus

Hence if you don’t get Rome Wells as your tutor, it’s ok there are plenty of other tutors on our network of sites.  In fact, we have over 10000 of them nationally (although they are spread across multiple geographical regions, but that’s beside the point. )  So what is the point?

The point is that even if you can’t hire Rome Wells direct you can still have our company Tutoring Services, LLC help you either get matched with a local pre-calc or calc tutor for your son or daughter or simply have your son or daughter study on your own using study guides or by hiring online tutors, or doing combination of both, local, online + study guides.

To begin simply browse pre-calc or calc tutors below this page or contact us at the top right corner phone number or text us from the bottom right corner “Let’s Talk” message icon.  To view Calculus Study Guides, check out blog site.



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