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Finding a physics tutor for personal, one-on-one instruction complements and reinforces your experience in the classroom and the lab. It’s like adding a drizzle of chocolate to a scoop of ice cream or pouring gravy onto a hot mound of mashed potatoes. It can only improve the instruction that’s already being provided at school.

Why don’t more physics students hire tutors? It’s certainly easy to find a physics tutor in Stamford, CT—with the help of our professional tutoring agency.



Get matched with the local physics tutor at a fair price

Tutoring Services, LLC matches interested high school and college students with the best available physics tutors in Stamford, CT, and surrounding areas.

Contact us today. We’ll put you in touch with one of the subject matter experts, who will provide you with the individualized help you need to understand Newton’s laws, static electricity, electric circuits, vectors and projectiles, refraction, and much, much more.

Is gravitation getting you down? Are you stumped by wave basics? Do forces in two dimensions give you pause? We can find a physics tutor who can help you comprehend even the most complex physics concepts.  Pricing of physics tutor in Stamford CT depends on educational experience and qualification of the tutor.  View tutor's profile below for pricing info or contact us to suggest your own price, where we can help you find the tutor within your budget.  If your budget is too low we will provide other recommendations.


Our Physics Tutors near Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan can also assist with school's work

Our physics tutors in Stamford can assist high school as well as college students as they study for exams, write lab reports, check homework, answer chapter questions, and complete projects. High school students who are preparing for the College Board examinations in the spring will especially benefit from the help of an AP Physics B or AP Physics C tutor. Why settle for an ordinary learning experience when you can have an extraordinary one? Don’t skimp on the gravy: find a physics tutor in Stamford, CT, today.

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Piya D   [ TUTOR ]
Qualification: Graduate
Occupation: Teaching
I Speak: English

Greenwich : 06830
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Subject Teaching Level Rate
Physics Elementary $ 65 per hour

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Essentials of Physics

Price:  $11
Study Guide Type: Essentials of Physics
Exam Code: physics
Course Description This course will cover the basics that one must know before starting a physics course, both mathematical and conceptual. Some of the lectures of this course may seem obvious and trivial, however our experience as instructors taught us that there are misconceptions regarding t...

GCSE Physics AQA P1

Price:  $15
Study Guide Type: GCSE Physics AQA P1
Exam Code: physics
Course Description for Physics This course is a complete study and revision guide to the AQA GCSE Physics P1 course. You Can Learn and Master Physics to Ensure Your Success in the GCSE Exam.   Review the complete content of the GCSE AQA P1 Core Physics course. Practise exam questions...

Physics Learning Resources

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Study Guide Type: Physics Learning Resources
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Learn Physics the Easy Way The study of physics is both an exciting and fun adventure into the world of Newton, Einstein, Heisenberg, and Hawking. Physics, however, can seem a bit daunting at first. Well, the help you’ve been looking for is here! Whether you are reviewing for this semester's ...

MTEL Physics (11) Exam

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Study Guide Type: MTEL Physics (11) Exam
Exam Code: mtel-11
Exam Information for MTEL Physics (11) Exam Study Guide   The State of Massachusetts has implemented a rigorous licensure exam to assess the skills and abilities of potential elementary, middle school, and high school Physics Teachers which is the MTEL Physics Exam. The Exam covers various su...

SAT Physics Subject Test

Price:  $38.46
Study Guide Type: SAT Physics Subject Test
Exam Code: SAT

ABCTE Physics Exam

Price:  -
Study Guide Type: ABCTE Physics Exam
Exam Code: abcte-physics
Learn Best Info from ABCTE Physics Exam The ABCTE Physics Exam is a teaching certificate program by the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence. The intensive teaching certificate in Physics are composed of difficult multiple choices that covers subjects in General Science Kno...

NYSTCE New York Licensure Test Information for Physics 009

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Study Guide Type: NYSTCE New York Licensure Test Information for Physics 009
NYSTCE Physics Examination Overview Physics is one of the fundamentals of science and is considered as foundation of every student’s knowledge in engineering and technology. It is applicable not only in science subjects but also in other broad topics in relation with math, experimentat...

AEPA Physics (09) Test Flashcard

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Capture this AEPA Physics (09) Test Guide  Released your knowledge with the perfect preparation to work out. But preparation needs best study tools to perform it in effective way. That is why we prefer you to take the AEPA Physics (09) Test Guide to create the strategy you want excelling the...

MTTC Michigan State Teaching Certification for Physics 19

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Study Guide Type: MTTC Michigan State Teaching Certification for Physics 19
Exam Code: mttc-019
MTTC Michigan Physics 19 Exam: Things to Know If you are a candidate aspiring to become a Physics teacher in one of the Michigan schools, then it is must to clear MTTC Physics 19 Exam before you move ahead in your career. The candidate is tested for the knowledge level and skills in Physics...