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Who is this service for?

For local Westchester and Fairfield County Businesses specializing in HVAC trade and looking to gain some clients

For Westchester and Fairfield County Students trying to get into HVAC industry prepare for their HVAC test or simply get help in landing a job

For Homeowners attempting to save money on AC and wanting to either repair their AC systems or learn about their AC systems



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Regardless what type of HVAC job you need or simply looking to learn about HVAC industry there is a solution that Tutoring Services, LLC has to offer.

This service article describes the type of service Tutoring Services, LLC provides.  The service is matchmaking students with HVAC tutors and helping students learn HVAC, additionally Tutoring Services, LLC is a marketing company helping HVAC companies in the tri-state area of CT NY and NJ and Fairfield and Westchester and New Haven counties increase their client leads continue reading to find out more.


Are you a home owner who need help understanding how your HVAC air conditioning unit in your home works?  

Want to learn how to maintain the health of your air conditioner to ensure that you minimize the risk of allergies and minimize expensive air conditioning repairs?  Want to save money on your air conditioning repairs?  Have a heat pump in your residential home that helps you save money on your energy bill during cold season?  Looking to learn how it actually works?  Discover how to repair air conditioners and heat pumps and understand the full air conditioning split system in your residential home.   Learn how to save money repairing your own AC and if you run into trouble learn when to call the professional.  


How can Stamford CT and Fairfield County and Westchester County homeowners learn more about their own residential air conditioning units?

One way to actually learn about your own home residential unit is to either study on your own or get HVAC tutor to help you out learn the concept.  However, the best way to learn about AC units is to actually combine your study strategy with both HVAC tutor and the study guide.  View HVAC tutors in Stamford CT and, and study guides on this very same page (scroll down).


Why get an HVAC tutor is a good idea for homeowners?


You see the problem with studying air conditioning home AC split systems or any other type of air conditioning units on your own is that it's very difficult to make heads and tails of what exactly each component is within your home air conditioning system.  

In fact, it’s very difficult to even understand what any of the Air Conditioning components are called and what their names are.   Unfortunately to repair air conditioning unit you do not only need to know the names and what each component of your AC system is but to also actually know what HVAC tools to get to repair your AC unit, where to get it and how to have your unit fixed.

This can take tons and tons and tons of time.   So what is the alternative here?  The alternative is to have someone come down to your home and tutor you HVAC, go up with you to the attic look at your air handler, go with you to the outside, look at your air conditioner, and explain to you how the system works, and educate you.

This way you can actually understand how it all works and be able to minimize your AC repair and help your family stay healthy from all the allergens that exist within your AC system without you even realizing it!

If you think closely how much money you spend on your AC repairs, especially if you have multiple Air conditioning systems, and realize how bad it can be for your family if the AC is not properly maintained then it becomes relatively clear, that the repairs and maintenance of the AC systems could have been easily done yourself.  Now, of course, yes working with refrigerant is dangerous if you do not know what you are doing,    

Do not try repairs on your AC system in home yourself unless you truly invested good amount of time to learn and foreshadowed someone like an HVAC tutor who would literally walk you through each concept in your home and explain academically and theoretically concepts in your AC system and show you in practice how to maintain your AC units and explain every single detail about the AC system.


So how much can the homeowner really save on AC repairs by simply doing work themselves?

Well let’s see, first of all in Stamford CT and Fairfield County and Westchester County area as well as surrounding cities of Greenwich, Darien, Wilton, Westport, New Canaan, Rye, White Plains it’s fairly clear that it can get relatively expensive to repair your central ac unit.

Sometimes home ac repair can mean literally placing a little bit of refrigerant in the system or perhaps replacing a blower motor, or capacitor, or evaporator handler or TXV Valve or condensing unit, or compressor or adjusting the duct work or simply soldering high or low pipe.  However, all of that requires knowledge, expertise and best of all common sense.  That common sense doesn’t just come from anywhere it comes from experience and knowledge. 

The amount of money homeowner in Stamford CT and nearby areas would end up spending on AC repair is a lot, but then again what homeowners do not understand is that the price of repairing air conditioner is a lot for a reason.  (in case you actually want to know what these reasons are you are more than welcome to visit this website and view some of the tutorials and study guides and other information about the actual HVAC trade so this way you can get the same perspective as the AC repair techs)

HVAC techs are regular folks just like you, they have developed a skill a trade and an honest way to make money.  Now here is the thing, some AC techs most certainly can overcharge in the state of Connecticut and cities such as Stamford, Greenwich, Wilton, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Cos Cob, Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, which is why you must get the second opinion in most cases especially when you are in the process of getting big AC repair job done.   

Doing AC repair yourself can significantly help you out from not only saving money.


Avg Hourly rate for HVAC tech to come out on site in Fairfield County CT is close to $150 to $225 per hour.  Now think about calling your HVAC tech every summer, and multiply that by a number of summers that you live in your home, then think about winter season if you have a heat pump, after all AC systems can come with heat pump helping you generate heat and not only cooling.  Think about the number of AC units you may have inside of your house.  

Think about how much time you spend trying to understand whether AC HVAC techs are telling you the truth about your AC system and whether that truth is even valid in your particular case. 

Think about allergy factor and you not looking and not knowing what AC system mean in your home can do for you and your children long term.

Think about the fact that your skills of knowing how AC system works can help you and your family out and even your friends, who are looking for advice and can now get that advice from you.   

Think of how much money you can increase your house value by, if you have solid working AC unit or decide for summer project install it yourself (although highly not recommended unless you truly get help from someone such as an HVAC tutor to teach you concepts and apply these concepts during one of your exciting summer projects where you decide to replace your AC unit yourself and upgrade that old r22 system r410A environmental friendly and efficient HVAC system) 

If you gave a good thought about all of this and said to yourself, yes I am extremely motivated to learn about my home Air conditioning residential system or perhaps you realized that it’s too expensive to pay for AC repair, and you simply want to learn more about HVAC systems, how it works and how it all fits together, then don’t hesitate to contact Tutoring Services, LLC to have you matched with one of our HVAC local tutors.

Someone who can go directly to your home, sit down with you and tutor you HVAC, and help you with strategizing your summer or winter project of replacing your ac unit, while giving you the satisfaction of freedom and sense of flexibility in knowing that you are gathering HVAC skills that you can reuse multiple times in your lifetime and save money for you and your friends and your family, especially when it’s simply too expensive to pay for AC repair in Stamford CT or any other areas.

Tutoring Services, LLC is here to help you not catch the fish but helps you learn how to catch the fish so you can catch the fish yourself.

How is getting HVAC Tutor different from getting a licensed contractor in Stamford CT Fairfield County area or nearby areas?

It’s different quite a lot simply because, the contractor is more likely to charge you more money than the tutor, where the overall goal of the contractor is to help you replace your AC system in most cases to earn the most maximum amount of money they can. 

Note that is not to say they are doing this on purpose, but rather to say they want what’s best for you, simply because of how much exposure they have received throughout their daily lives when working on AC systems.  They simply know more when to replace and when not to replace the system, what can be done vs what cannot be done…

However just because they are HVAC contractors that don't necessarily means that they can educate you academically, for example, there can be a teacher who simply knows how to teach better than doing, and these who do are more focus oriented on doing vs teaching, but what the homeowners truly needs is a good equilibrium of both teaching and doing. 

The homeowner at this particular stage wouldn’t necessarily be looking for someone licensed, but prefer to get someone more affordable who is not licensed HVAC contractor from that instance, simply because these who teach cannot teach and also be licensed because their general profession of teaching simply doesn’t allow for both.   

Hence when hunting for HVAC tutor do not expect that the HVAC tutor is licensed, HVAC tutor can be subject matter expert from the standpoint of knowing about HVAC field and knowing components of AC systems, but may not necessarily have the same level of experience repairing ACS… which is precisely why HVAC tutors charge less money than HVAC licensed contractors.   

Obviously, if you would like our company to help you get matched with HVAC tutor who is both licensed HVAC contractor and an HVAC subject matter expert then prepare to pay double for the typical hourly rate of an HVAC contractor.  Reason for that is quite simple… it’s very rare… and what are rare costs more (remember it’s all about supply and demand factor)


Hence hiring HVAC tutor to explain you concepts academically and show you around the house each system and in some cases guide you in the direction of repairing your own AC or assisting you if HVAC tutor is confident enough and knowledgeable enough with actual practical repair, is in fact the way to get the job done and get educated all in one shot.   

However, when hiring HVAC tutor in Fairfield and Westchester county  it’s important to understand and realize that you are not hiring HVAC tutor to do the repair for you, but rather educate you about HVAC systems and help you brainstorm how to resolve your particular HVAC Related issue and in some cases show you exactly how to fix the issue or troubleshoot HVAC issue.

Think of HVAC tutor as no different as the Calculus tutor, Calculus tutor will not do the homework for you but explain to you how the problem is done.  Doing homework for anyone is not ethically right. 

The same goes here, with HVAC tutor.  It’s not ethically right for HVAC tutor to be doing something that they are not 100% qualified to do, which is why gaining theoretical understanding about HVAC systems from the HVAC tutor is the way to go while getting the actual HVAC practical training from a licensed contractor is the way to go, unless of course HVAC tutor has his/her own tools and has solid level of knowledge to take upon him/her self-practical work and can do both a bit of practical training and theoretical training. 

Remember HVAC tutor is strongest in theoretical training (hence the word tutor)  However that theoretical training is the key towards understanding which parts you need where to get them, how to get them from where what each part does etc.. etc.. etc.  

Plus having trained with the HVAC tutor can boost your level of knowledge much quicker than simply watching YouTube videos and wondering how each video applies in your particular case.

Does HVAC tutor have his own tools?

All of the Tutoring Services, LLC tutors are independent contractors, some have HVAC tools and some don’t depend on what type of AC training you need.  These who do have their own tools would charge more per hour for training vs the ones who do not.  Let your Tutoring Services, LLC agent know if you are looking for HVAC tutor with tools or without.  The hourly rate for each of the HVAC Tutors and list of the tutor(s) shown below on this very same page. (Alternatively, you can contact us from the bottom right corner chat window or by calling phone number at the right top corner to help you get matched with your local or even online private HVAC tutor)

Will local HVAC tutor show me or recommend me which HVAC tools to get?

Yes as part of the training local HVAC tutor can recommend which tools to get for your specific air conditioning repair needs.




How much is HVAC tutor in Fairfield County CT?

       Refer to tutors below by scrolling down further.  Or call us and tell us what your budget is so we can help you get matched with the right HVAC tutor within your budget, depending on whether or not you are looking only for theoretical knowledge and have your own tools or want to learn both theoretical and practical and have tutor come out with his own tools. 


For local HVAC businesses in Stamford CT or nearby Fairfield County area or Westchester or New Haven, or Bergen Counties.

Trying to sell your HVAC business?  Our Company Tutoring Services, LLC can help you land more clients and make more money for your HVAC local business and assist with selling.

Retiring from HVAC industry?  Need a solid broker company to represent you in the selling of your business and getting maximum money for your business?  If you answered yes call from the phone number at the top right corner, to have your business 21st-century marketing digitized then infusing it into the general population, and increasing your chances of making more money from your hard working HVAC business that you worked so hard to create.  After all the more clients you have the higher the value of your business, let us help you generate this constant stream of clients, then help you sell your business for better profit while providing value for any newcomers who end up purchasing your HVAC business in having a successfull business.

Trying to get an intern to work for your company who can foreshadow your HVAC contractors?  Our company can help you get matched with an intern.

Trying to earn more money from your HVAC business providing both training and AC work?  Have your HVAC contractors become HVAC tutors, and get listed on the network of local tutoring websites in Fairfield County CT.  Manage your tutors and get paid for more than just fixing AC systems, but make money from providing education and AC repair all in one shot.   Have your tutors listed similarly as HVAC tutor(s) shown on this website on our central search engine.

Trying to sell your HVAC tools?  Find out how our company can help.  Contact our agency for more info from the real-time chat window at the bottom right corner.

Want to learn more about HVAC marketing services Tutoring Services, LLC offers to visit



HVAC Test Prep Study for your AC Certification Contract License Exam with confidence

Attempting to prepare for HVAC exam?  Trying to get into HVAC trade?  Interested in learning how to fix air conditioner unit in residential homes and make money?  


Perhaps you are not a home owner and perhaps you are just a typical college student or someone who is in high school and want to prepare for HVAC field and truly passionate about the field and want to learn how to repair HVAC systems, then there are several ways to do that.


Get Help in preparing for your HVAC certification exam




There are multiple ways, but most common ways listed below.


  • Get help from a local HVAC tutor in Fairfield County CT
  • Get help from online HVAC tutor
  • Get help from study guides and courses


Where are the study guides and tutors and courses? 


All courses, study guides, and tutors listed on this page.  To get matched with the tutor you can simply contact us by phone number at the top right corner and talk to Tutoring Services, LLC agent to help you get matched with the HVAC tutor who can teach you directly in your home or online. Online HVAC tutors are less expensive vs local HVAC tutors. 


HVAC local tutor can recommend HVAC tools for you to get, assign you homework what to study for, and if HVAC tutor has tools will also show you real world examples directly on your home air conditioning unit if you have one, if you do not have one then he/she will explain the best he can theoretically


Some HVAC tutors have their own AC units that they can bring with them to your home to teach you concepts (not all).

View local HVAC Tutors, Tools and Study Guides near Stamford CT below 



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Rome W   [ TUTOR ]
Qualification: Graduate
Occupation: tutor
I Speak: English, Russian, Spanish

Stamford : 06901
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Background check: Last verified 01/10/2015  Passed
Hi am the Owner of Tutoring Services, LLC and secondary certified math teacher for the state of CT and a Break Dancer, ready to tutor your son or daughter in math, computer science, breakdancing, artifical automation of IT networks, security and many other subjects.I can help students prepare for Praxis 1 math or Praxis 2 Math teaching certification test offered by ETS in fact is my site, visit it if you are interested in passing your Praxis test.Regardless if you are preparing for your test in Bridgeport University, Sacret Heart... Read More
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Hvac Intermediate $ 162.5 per hour
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