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Studying for GRE math or an English portion of the exam or both?  Need help?

Do you have what it takes to pass the Graduate Record Examination and get into graduate school? The Graduate Record Examination, aka GRE, is considered an essential element for those who are pursuing an advanced degree.


Graduate school applicants submit their GRE scores along with their undergraduate records, references, and work experience as part of a highly competitive admission process. An applicant’s GRE score is a predictor of how well he or she will do in graduate school. As such, universities use the GRE to determine how well qualified an applicant is for their advanced programs of study.


Don’t allow a low GRE score to adversely affect your future. Start preparing for the GRE well in advance of your test date with the help of a professional tutor in Stamford, CT. Our GRE tutors can help you prepare for the GRE’s tough multiple choice questions. Call us today. We’re the premiere source for a qualified GRE tutor in the Stamford  or Fairfield County area.



We also have Online GMAT Tutors who can assist with test prep as well.

On the budget can't afford local tutor in Stamford Connecticut area for your GRE exam?  Why not get one online and have our agency help you get matched with one for an affordable price.  However, for the highest level of learning effectiveness, we recommend both local and online GRE tutoring this way you can still take advantage of local highly effective tutoring while supplementing yourself with more affordable online tutoring.  Additionally, we recommend studying using e-courses and study guides.  

Our agency can help you get the right local GMAT tutor, online GMAT tutor and can recommend GRE study resource that can help you crush your exam.  

To get matched with local + online + study guide contact us from the phone number at the top right corner of chat Let's Talk window at the bottom right corner or click on this link to fill out the form and provide more precise specifications to us and have us get back to you


GRE local Tutors and Study Guides all in one place


View GRE tutors and self Guided Materials Below, Compare Prices, check out best deals and contact our agency if need help in getting matched with the tutor, we will even recommend test prep material to you as a bonus, to maximize your learning effectiveness even more.    Or if you do not want to pay small agency fee to us for helping you get matched with the local GRE tutor simply visit our sister site


However, on our sister site there is no phone support, no tutor discount packages, higher risk of getting someone that you wouldn't want to knock on your door, and if you happen to be in Fairfield County (which you probably are if you are visiting this site) then possibly  you will end up paying more for every hour for independent tutor then you would pay for an agency managed tutor, simply because our agency fee is much smaller, and we have huge network of sites, making it impossible for any other local tutoring company to compete with us. 





Our GRE Stamford Tutoring prices are the lowest in comparison to our local competitors for the type of quality you would get from a tutor


Therefore our prices are one of the lowest if not the lowest in Fairfield and Westchester County.  Note if you contact us by phone be sure to leave a voice, mail.  Don't assume that no one picked up that we do not want to help you (if you assume you so and go to someone else you will most likely overpay for your tutoring education).

Just remember it's better to leave a voice mail, because if you don't, we will just assume you are not really serious about your request, and instead help the student out who did leave their voice mail (and the student who did reach out for his goal and up getting better chances than you of getting into business school). 



Plus is how we weed out serious requests from nonserious, we are not here to tackle, tell us your budget and we will tell you if we can help you or not.  This is the filter algorithm we use, we deploy this mechanism only when we are busy.  In case, if we do not respond, do not hesitate to visit our sister independent tutoring site or simply visit any of the self-guided resources, or visit both, and remember... practice, practice, practice.


View local GRE Math and English Tutors below as well as study guides


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Rome W   [ TUTOR ]
Qualification: Graduate
Occupation: tutor
I Speak: English, Russian, Spanish

Stamford : 06901
img  Shortlist Tutor
View(s): 526
Background check: Last verified 01/10/2015  Passed
Hi am the Owner of Tutoring Services, LLC and secondary certified math teacher for the state of CT and a Break Dancer, ready to tutor your son or daughter in math, computer science, breakdancing, artifical automation of IT networks, security and many other subjects.I can help students prepare for Praxis 1 math or Praxis 2 Math teaching certification test offered by ETS in fact is my site, visit it if you are interested in passing your Praxis test.Regardless if you are preparing for your test in Bridgeport University, Sacret Heart... Read More
Subject Teaching Level Rate
Gre College, Elementary, Middle School, High School $ 13 - $ 52 per hour
This Tutor Offers Discount Packages Save Money $$$
ross w   [ TUTOR ]
Qualification: Graduate
Occupation: engineer

Norwalk : 06850
img  Shortlist Tutor
View(s): 30
Now called putnisite, the mineral was discovered in a surface outcrop of Polar Bear Peninsula, Southern Lake Cowan, north of Norseman. While workers with a mining company were prospecting for nickel and gold, one of them noticed the bright-pink grains and sent the mineral to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), and then it was sent to Peter Elliott, a research associate with the South Australian Museum, for examination.
Subject Teaching Level Rate
Gre College, Elementary, Middle School, High School $ 84.5 per hour
This Tutor Offers Discount Packages Save Money $$$

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