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Private English Lessons, College Essay Prep, Reading/Writing, ESL, TOEFL, SAT Study Help for students of all ages in Fairfield County CT


Why learning how to read and write and do better in English is a necessity 

A student’s reading, writing, and researching skills impact much of his coursework, not only his/her grades in English class. By improving his/her performance in any one of these areas, he/she may significantly increase his GPA—and his/her standardized test scores as well. What’s the best way to develop one’s English skills? Hard work and perseverance, of course, coupled with the assistance of an English tutor in Stamford, CT and test preparation with high-quality English Textbook at an affordable price and comprehensive English Subject Study Guide.

That is exactly what we offer at Tutoring Services, LLC, and not just high-quality match making between students and tutors, but also guidance for students looking to improve their Academic Success.

Our Tutoring agency conveniently located in Stamford CT connects students with reasonably priced, knowledgeable English tutors in Stamford, CT, and nearby areas, who will help students in English subject related topics, sections, exams, midterms, finals, state exams, teaching certification tests and college essays. Students simply call or contact us online, and we match them with the right tutors. For instance, if a student were having difficulty with grammar syntax, an English tutor could help him/her with sentence-level revision. Likewise, if a student finds MLA or APA documentation difficult to sort out, an English tutor could demonstrate, step by step, how to cite sources of information accurately.



Our agency can also provide non-native speakers with English ESL tutoring in Stamford Connecticut. Through private, individual instructional time can clarify many idiomatic expressions and confusing rules of the English language. In fact, tutors can help students prepare for the TOEFL as well, commonly taken tests by the foreigners whose English is not their first language. Something that admission staff in Universities and Colleges look towards when evaluating future student candidates. So why not get help? We have flexible rates, and we understand that education can be expensive.

English Test Prep and Private Lessons in Connecticut | New Canaan| Greenwich | Darien | and even Norwalk

What could possibly be the best step to take when you, as a parent see your child struggle with all these brain-wrecking chemistry, history or math subjects? I bet you can’t even stand the idea of your child failing behind in their class. You will do what it takes to help your child get those passing grades, and even pay a little amount of money to hire a professional English instructor in Stamford CT. Some parents may think that getting a private instructor is an unnecessary expenditure, but we say that this step will take your child closer to their dreams. Our tutors offer lessons in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan and Westport CT as well as other Major cities surrounding the city of Stamford covering Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY.

We offer Test Prep Help for Students near New Canaan | Westport | Greenwich | Port Chester and even Rye!

Our English reading and writing subject matter experts in New Canaan, Westport, Greenwich and Port Chester can help students in middle school, high school and college level prepare for their SAT English exam, TOEFL, ESL and even GED for adult students. We all know that not all information fed to students is easily absorbed especially when they are not really putting their focus on topics in their everyday classes. We should also put into consideration the fact that not all individuals are born with an intellect like Einstein, so some may really need some help.


Top 5 Reasons for Parents to Use our English Tutoring Services in Fairfield County CT as oppose to looking for one yourself!

If you are a parent who lives in Fairfield County CT, Finding right Tutor in English at the right hourly rate is a tough task for the following reasons.

  1. The majority of English Tutors live in the New Haven, or York City and won’t travel to Fairfield county outskirts of CT for low hourly rate unless they have a good reason to do so (especially if contacted by the parent directly). Our Agency specializes in Fairfield county CT and Westchester county NY matchmaking and focuses on nearby CT cities thereby giving reason for tutors to travel to cities like Norwalk, Darien, Westport, Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan, Westport, White Plains, Scarsdale, Mount Vernon, Yonkers and other cities, and match making English tutors with more than just one student, thereby giving incentive for English Teachers and subject matter experts to travel to Fairfield and Westchester County while covering multiple clients and simultaneously offering lower hourly rate on English tutoring sessions due to larger number of clients serviced.
  2. Our English teachers/instructors/professors and subject matter experts in Fairfield County Stamford CT offer discount tutoring packages in Reading/Writing, SAT, TOEFL, ESL, making private English lessons more affordable for parents. (In addition to already being more affordable due to the fact that we match make our teachers/subject matter experts with different clients in nearby Fairfield County area).
  3. We thoroughly review our Instructor candidates prior to hiring one, to ensure that we provide high quality match, by reviewing, resume, references, qualifications getting tutor to register on our site, allowing parent to see multiple options online without having to search through multiple sites, or by simply contacting us and letting us help you over the phone! (As oppose to doing all that work yourself and spending countless of hours trying to find the right match)
  4. We are in Educational Vertical industry rather than horizontal, making it even easier for Parents to save money on their educational expenses. We offer English Instructors jobs not only in English subject, but in content development of Study Guides, something that other match making companies don’t offer, giving even more incentive for Private Instructors and Tutors to work with us. (As oppose to other Agencies, who do nothing, but match make students with tutors, or plumbers with home owners and spread themselves out in multiple industries, thereby not offering high quality match making educational industry experience in a first place and only rising prices of tutoring rates higher than they really should be.)
  5. We don’t charge outrageous Tutoring agency match making fees and have no Registration Fees for our subject matter experts, and in fact offer CT and NY teachers, and instructors to also register as independent tutor on our sister site and make money tutoring as both independent English tutor working for themselves and independent contractor working for Tutoring Services, LLC, giving English Teachers maximum flexibility in earning money. (As oppose to simply locking tutors into single business model system where they have, no choice but to work on outrageous tutoring agency commission fees for every hour tutored, and no option to enroll with any other agency.)


CT Stamford Schools where we offer out Tutoring Services for


Elementary Middle School English Test Prep College
K.T. Murphy School Scofield Middle School Stamford High School UCONN
Julia A. Stark School Turn of River School Brien McMahon HS Fairfield University
Newfield School Rippowam Middle School J.M Wright Tech School University of Bridgeport
Roxbury Elementary School Sacred Heart University


As well as many other schools including private schools and charter schools as well as religious schools.

Private lessons in English Reading and Writing Prices and hourly rates in Long Ridge | High Ridge Area and Central Stamford Area

Interested in pricing info for English instructors in CT near cities and towns of, Stamford in Long Ridge or High Ridge or downtown area, Norwalk, Darien, Westport, Weston, Greenwich, New Canaan, Fairfield CT or other cities? Prices vary based on educational experience and overall qualifications of the tutor. In this geographical area, pricing can get expensive. However, don’t get discouraged, some of our English teachers offer tutoring discount packages, where the more tutoring sessions you buy the more you save.

Some subject matter experts who are registered with us may offer only 1-hour trial tutoring session and no discounts at all, hence when comparing them side by side ensure that the English expert you are hiring offers discount package.

Contact us today at the phone number at the top right corner, to reserve Discount Tutoring Package from our Instructors! If private English lessons are too expensive for you to afford we have other options also available, where students can prepare for their test with the help of the self-guided English study guides, in the form of flash cards, exam secrets or even with the help and assistance of a pre-recorded online course and help from an online English tutor over google hangout or skype.

Our recommended English study guides are also shown on the very same page (at the bottom of this page) for your own convenience. Contact us today to reserve Discount Tutoring Package from our Tutors!

English College Books in Stamford CT Fairfield County At Affordable Price!



Are you attending the University of Connecticut, University of Bridgeport, or Sacred Heart and paying too much for your English college textbooks, and tired of spending money on expensive books? We created a website allowing College and Universities students save money on their English textbooks and be able to afford one instead of spending tons of money on outrageous college bookstore fees.

We have created UsedCollegeBooks.NET website to help students and teachers make and save money on their English books by allowing students to sell and buy the book directly from each other on School or University campus or by being able to buy cheapest English textbooks online from the most affordable stores! Help us save the environment while learning English and reuse your English books visit us on UsedCollegeBooks.NET..

Alternatively, students can rent English textbooks, which is much cheaper option then buying. We all know textbooks can get expensive, hence Tutoring Services, LLC provides multiple options for students to choose from.

Note even if you are attending some other school not necessarily NCC, you can still use that site to save big money on your college expenses! We are not just about match making but about making a difference in this world, where money that we make from Tutoring Match making goes towards, saving the environment, helping this world stay Green and at the same time help educators make supplementary income to improve their quality of living. Visit us on our site Buy or Advertise to Sell Used book and help us make a difference in this world.

English Reading Homework Help at the convenience of your own Home in Fairfield County CT or Online!

English Homework help is also offered by our instructors in cases where Stamford students find a hard time answering tough reading and writing questions and simply need help or struggling with study skills. In this way, student’s judgment and understanding capabilities are challenged and enhanced since every answer that the students answer has a corresponding explanation from a reliable subject matter expert. If you are not able to find the right tutor in Stamford CT, we have great selection of online subject matter experts in English who can also help. Don’t hesitate to contact us to match make you with a professional online English Instructor to help you prepare for homework, exam, final, mid term or standardized test.




Teacher Test Prep for Praxis 2 Exam and Praxis 1 English for the state of Connecticut in Darien, Greenwich, Norwalk, Fairfield

We cover different type of tutoring services for educators living in the cities of Darien, Greenwich, Norwalk, Fairfield and other nearby cities, ranging from test prep, to academic prep and even school prep at multiple grade levels (middle school, high school, elementary or even college).

We can even help educational professionals and college students in their preparation for Praxis 1, Praxis 2 teaching certification tests, GRE, GMAT and the SAT English examinations.

Our professional certified teachers for the state of CT are exceptional in such cases to help new educators to become certified in Praxis exam and lead them on the right path, thus giving students an assurance of quality mentoring and teaching.

We also have compiled great collection of recommended study guides for future teachers and current educators in the State of CT, for your convenience they are shown at the bottom of this page along with recommended English Tutors in Stamford Connecticut and nearby area.

Studying for teaching certification exam is never easy especially since there are not a lot of practice tests out there. Let us help! So what are you waiting for? Contact us today from the phone number at the top right corner and we will help you find the right tutor for affordable price and make a difference in your children’s academic success. To view more of our study guides visit StudyGuide.NET




Attention to Fairfield County Connecticut and New York Westchester Area Students and Parents! Want to find out How your School or English, Teacher/Professor Rated?

Tutoring Services, LLC goes out an extra mile to deliver not only affordable education for students in Stamford Connecticut, Fairfield and Westchester county, but also to provide help for students and provide them with tools to decide which school is right for them!

We created an educational portal that helps students make important decisions of their life when they are in the process or thinking of applying for college! Our school rating site allows Stamford students to see and view ratings of each English teacher, or add teachers/professors into specific school and rate them.

It also allows other students to rate schools, colleges/universities, training centers. Students can join schools and organizations, to receive school news, view English tutors who can offer their tutoring services for that school, view books sold by other students in specific school.

View teacher professor or instructor ratings, as well as English department overall ratings, and compare schools ratings in entire CT, NY state, or USA. As well as see school ratings and decide what campus is best, why is the school different from other schools what does it have to offer and more!

There are 2 many schools out there, and too many not so effective English teachers! Why not find out how effective is your son’s or daughter’s English Teacher and how good is the school you are sending them to? Other students who make comments about English, math or science teacher/professors can help you decide, if you should even bother having your son or daughter taking such teacher’s or professor’s class or take someone else’s class instead! Find out for yourself visit RateMySchool.NET

Attention to School Administrators and English Department heads in Stamford CT! Advertise English Teaching Jobs Free in Fairfield County and nearby cities on Our Network of Sites!

Interested in posting a temporary or permanent substitute or regular teacher job in Fairfield county CT, Westchester County or New Haven County CT or nearby cities of Westport, Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, and Bridgeport? Looking for an English teacher, but simply can’t find one for your school?

Tutoring Services, LLC has created a network of local tutoring sites in Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven counties, specifically for school administrators to easily be able to reach out to English subject matter experts. We have created network of sites and social media sites where we simply post your teaching job ad free of charge and it would automatically show up in RSS feed section of every local tutoring page. What that means is that by posting single ad, your job description ends up on multiple sites! (and not just any sites but sites around area of Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven County NY) We also post this job description for you on our social media sites as well.

How are we different from other job sites? We offer school administrators exposure in their local area specifically targeted towards, Fairfield, Westchester, and New Haven counties. Some of our sites where your ad would be shown include,,,,,, and many others.

School Admins can advertise their school on RateMySchool.NET in Fairfield County NY or nearby locations of Stamford, Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Fairfield, Westport!

Additionally to make it easier for school administrators and department heads we created another site called RateMySchool.NET the site allows HR and School Administrators advertise their school, receive ratings for specific schools from students, differentiate themselves from other schools, and manage new teachers/professors that get added into school for teacher ratings.

Increase student exposure and higher admission of students into the school. View tutors who offer tutoring services for specific school or open to substitute teaching opportunity for specific schools.

Additionally we help schools with free supplies such as providing FREE homework folders for entire school showing, school logo and school calendar with other relevant resources that parents may find useful.

Visit RateMySchool.NET for more info and see if your school is already there or not, see what other students say about your school. Learning Centers and Training Centers can also register on RateMySchool.NET to advertise their school. Contact us from the phone number at the top right corner for more info



English Tutoring Services for CT Schools including Stamford High, Westhill, Roxbury, Turn of River and more!

All of our English teachers/instructors and professors who register on our site in their profile indicate if they are interested in offering tutoring services in English for specific school in Stamford CT, which means they offer their tutoring services and are able to come down to school premises and tutor specific student or a group of students in the subject of English.

Our subject matter experts also indicate in their profile whether or not they would be interested in offering substitute teaching services for specific schools and would also be displayed in such case in relevant school page sections of our RateMySchool.NET site.

We encourage our teachers to work with schools directly when it comes to tutoring and have them email school teachers to find out what topics currently covered in class to make sure that the tutoring assignments are aligned with private lessons offered by our tutors. Contact us from the phone number at the top right corner for more info. Our instructors can service Stamford High School, Westhill, Roxbury, Scofield, Turn of River schools.

School Teachers who have struggling students in their English subject and interested in helping single or group of students, can simply have our English tutors dispatched to Stamford school at the time that works best for Tutor and the school, typically at end of the school day and tutor entire group of students. This option is especially useful in situations where school administrators see low state performance on the yearly state tests and have to take action in improving test scores of their school students.