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Preparing for CPA exam?

Residing in Fairfield County CT? Cities like Stamford, Norwalk, Darien, Greenwich, Cos Cob, New Canaan, Wilton, Westport, Bridgeport, Fairfield?



CPA Test Prep in CT with the help of a local tutor

Prepare for your CPA exam at your own pace, with the help of a local tutor in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Westport, Wilton, Milford, Trumbull or any study guide resources and test preparation help that you see below. 

Or call us to help you get matched with one of the CPA tutors specializing in Accounting to see if we can help you find the right tutor at the right price if you don't see one below.We also service Westchester County area and New Haven CT neighboring counties.


Can't afford a local tutor why not try online?

Our company specializes in matchmaking accounting local and online tutors with students who truly need help in preparing for CPA exam.   Whether you are preparing for FAR, AUD, REG or BEC we got you covered.  We realize local tutors are obviously more expensive than online which is why we created a variety of options for you to study from.  Our best-recommended option is to study using a combination approach. Meaning studying with the help of a local tutor and with the help of an online tutor and with the help of the study resources.   To make it easier we listed tutors and study resources conveniently for you on this very same site. 

CPA Online tutors are obviously more affordable than local, to get online tutor simply contact us from the right bottom corner "Let's Talk" chat window or by calling us at the top right corner phone number, to help you get matched with online CPA tutor who can help you prepare for your accounting exam, so this way you can be on your way to becoming certified.  

Additionally, we recommend a local tutor, as well simply because local tutoring has a higher rate of learning effectiveness.   You can for example study on Mon and Wed with a local tutor and have a consistent schedule, while studying with online CPA tutor at more flexible to you schedule, giving you the benefits of both worlds.  Having multiple methods to prepare for this exam can increase your overall learning effectiveness.

To get matched with the local and online tutor simply contact us from the phone number at the top right corner or chat window at the bottom.


Additional supplementary study materials beyond local and online CPA tutor

Studying with both local tutor and online tutor often is great, but for even higher level of learning effectiveness and as your initial approach towards preparing for this exam we recommend studying with self-guided resources.  At least initially then diving into getting help from the local or online tutor or both.  

Simply view CPA study guide resources below which can help you prepare for this exam.  Note we often find students who start with self-guided resources, but not motivated enough to continue on their own and in such case ask for a tutor.  We also find students who are motivated enough but simply not used to study on their own using any self-guided materials and prefer to simply hire a local or online tutor who can explain everything in a concrete fashion.  

Our #1 recommended Best Study approach formula for Students preparing for CPA Exam.

Hire a local tutor near Stamford CT, study with this tutor twice a week  (to hire one contact us)

Hire online local tutor study with online tutor at least 3 times per week (to hire one contact us)

Get one of the self-guided materials for CPA (there is a lot of them read our reviews for each of the study materials and decide which is best or contact us from the chat window below to help you decide)

This study formula is not for everyone, but only for students who can afford, but it's still more affordable than getting local tutor only simply because local tutor is more expensive (however learning effectiveness is higher so in a way price cancels out a bit)







Our #2 recommended Study Approach

Get help from local tutor

Get help from self-guided materials

This approach excludes online tutor and recommends students rely only on the local tutor and on the self-guided material.  It's more expensive than let's say getting help from an online tutor but worth it due to a higher level of learning effectiveness from a local tutor.  (plus local tutor will know more about state requirements and his process relevant to your local state)



Our # 3 Recommended Study approach for CPA test takers

Get help from CPA Tutoring Services, LLC agency managed online tutor (we can help you get matched with our CPA agency managed online tutors)

Not only do our online agency managed tutors are CPA tutors but some of them are actual authors of self-guided materials and former students themselves.... Imagine, being taught online by an author of CPA course.... and imagine how much more effectively you can understand new concepts and prepare for CPA better if an actual author of the course is teaching you.... 


How does getting help from CPA online agency managed tutor actually work?

You see it's very simple, many CPA test prep vendors out there (i.e companies that create CPA test prep materials) are in partnership with our company Tutoring Services, LLC.  These companies are interested very much in helping CPA exam test takers, and our company act as a digital highway that brings students and such CPA test prep companies together.  Some founders of these companies are very passionate about helping students achieve their dream of becoming an accountant, and work with us to realize that dream.  

Many of such companies have test prep materials that they created specifically for FAR, REG, AUD, BEC CPA specific exams and are all interested in sharing these materials with you potential student.  Such companies work hard in creating study materials, however many of them simply do not resources to be found on the internet.  


This is where our digital educational marketing company Tutoring Services, LLC comes in, where we let students know that such companies who help students prepare for CPA exist, and in return such companies help us by rewarding us and giving us some discount coupons that we, in turn, can give to students making CPA study materials even more affordable for our students.  


Additionally, the very same CPA Test Prep companies also agree to work with us as actual online and even local tutors.  Meaning these very same companies who have actual authors who were former students and took CPA exam at some point in their lifetimes are in fact partners with us.  Meaning some of such authors who created CPA test prep materials are in fact our online agency managed tutors.  


Meaning, these CPA test prep companies not only offer self-guided video courses or other study materials for CPA test takers but also offer themselves in the form of online CPA tutors helping you prepare even better for your CPA exam. Meaning, imagine you getting tutored by an actual author of a book or a course and compare that to being tutored by just a regular tutor?  The difference in some cases is huge.... the difference can either mean you either passing or failing your CPA exam. 

CPA test prep companies like the idea of actually having their authors registered with our company Tutoring Services, LLC as agency managed tutor.  They like the idea simply because such companies can have additional revenue income stream simply by helping students prepare for CPA exam with more than just self-guided study materials.  Some of such company authors not only tutor one on one but also tutor in an online class helping you save even more money.  


Such company's like the idea of having their CPA study guide book author's registered on Tutoring Services, LLC website search engine simply because such authors can declare their own tutoring discount packages, and can share test prep samples of their product in the form of practice questions and video tutorials, helping students realize the value of our agency managed CPA tutors.

Such companies like to partner up with us Tutoring Services, LLC simply because we make it easy for them to be found either in the form of tutoring profiles distributed across a network of relevant educational websites or in the form of self-guided educational resources or both.  For more details about this concept, you can visit our s

To request one of our agency CPA managed online tutors contact us from the "Let's Talk" chat window or from the phone number at the top right corner, to help you get the right agency managed tutor.

Get help from self-guided materials (there are plenty of study materials in the form of visual engaging video courses, flash cards, etc)


This approach although is less effective it's nevertheless still affordable and can still help you do well on your CPA exam, however, it all depends on the student's historic academic record.  Some students pick new concepts much easier than others.  For example, some students are simply good in calculus in academic early stages and some are not.  

Read Rome Wells journey through his academic life to see what I mean, where Rome Wells founder of Tutoring Services, LLC describes how difficult it was for him to learn new things in early stages especially Calculus, but then out of a sudden things changed and many years later.... he became #1 digital marketing educational advocate in the world.  

What Rome Wells discovers is absolutely amazing methods of how the brain works and how learning comes very easy if you are not stressed and learning for no precise reason, and studying not for the purpose of taking a test and doing well, but for the purpose of understanding life and helping others.


Our # 4 Recommended Study approach for College graduate students who are about to take CPA exam


Get help from online tutor (we can help you get matched with our CPA agency managed online tutors)


Get help from self-guided materials (there are plenty of study materials in the form of visual engaging video courses, flash cards, etc)


Note if you chose to get help from self-guided materials and happen to be on the budget there are some study materials where you can actually buy some study materials from one test prep vendor for let's say REG exam in the areas that you are weak at and other materials from another vendor.  This way for example you can buy one study material for example for a video course specifically for the REG section of the exam and only spend a little bit of money vs buying entire course at least for the section that you are struggling the most and then reinforce your knowledge with online tutoring as part of this strategy (online tutoring from an agency managed tutor)

To get help in deciding which study material is best for you and get matched with online CPA agency managed tutor simply contact us from the phone number at the right top corner or from the bottom right corner chat icon or click here to tell us exactly your budget and requirements in a conveniently designed for you to fill out google form.


Our #5 Recommended Study Approach | Prep with Self Guided Materials + Online Tutor (nonagency managed)

The nonagency managed CPA tutor is the type of tutor who is more affordable than agency managed tutor simply because such tutor is not the creator of the self-guided study materials and hence does not offer the same level of learning benefits which you would receive from an online agency managed tutor.  Nonagency managed tutor can be any subject matter expert whom you can find on our sister site, however, such agency managed tutors are not trusted tutors and not verified by our agency, hence you have a higher risk of failing your exam if you go with nonagency managed tutor.  

Plus you would not get help from our agency helping you get recommended in regards to what to study from, plus you would not be able to take advantage of tutoring discount packages that our agency managed online tutors offer to help you save more money.    However, nonagency managed tutors on our sister site offer first lesson for $15 then you can work direct without paying any agency fee.  

This may seem tempting and indeed may be a great option for accounting CPA students who are on the limited budget however it can be riskier because students are not dealing with highly specialized CPA tutor who is an actual creator or an author of actual CPA study guide test prep product and who can relate more to you then let's say someone who simply took the test but does not necessarily know how to teach.



Our #6 Recommended Study Approach | Prep with Self Guided Materials + Class Led by an Online Agency Managed Tutor 


Another option we recommend is splitting your tutoring expenses by joining an online real-time class for the specific exam.  This option is more affordable than tutoring 1 on 1 option, many of our agency managed tutors specify in their tutoring profiles that they can provide a class and willing to provide a discount for such class for let's say 2 students at x percent, 3 students at y percent etc...  

How to join CPA online class

The best way to join the class is to view if our agency managed tutor offer group discounts, then simply team up with another study partner who would be willing to split your tutoring expenses and join the class.  To team up with study partner you can do so easily by expressing interest in joining the class by sending a message in the chat window when browsing one of our agency managed tutors.  

How joining CPA online class to save money works?

The way it works is, on the bottom right corner of the site you will see "Let's Talk" chat icon, simply search for your CPA tutor and then when you navigate to tutor's profile simply from the bottom right corner of the chat icon ask your tutor to see if he/she offers an online CPA class.   Our agency would assist in letting other students know that such class exists by posting advertisements in relevant CPA educational websites, stating that there is a CPA class that will take place at the particular schedule, and anyone who is interested in joining can join and the price will also be shown for the class.  If the right number of people are reached then the class will take place and you get to save some money.  

The process may seem complicated, however, all you have to do to get started is simply find the CPA tutor profile you like and ask them if they offer a class.  

Our #7 Recommended Study Approach for students on super budget (split tutoring expenses and self-guided expenses with your study partner)

If you are on the super budget, then consider splitting your tutoring expenses + self-guided study expenses with your study partner.  Self-guided resources can be costly for some people, however Rome Wells founder of Tutoring Services, LLC did not just make everything for the rich students, he realized that there are lot of students who simply can't afford more expensive education and created this method specifically for students who are truly on the budget and can't afford  agency managed tutor or non-agency managed tutor for 1 on 1 tutoring and who can not afford self-guided materials, and want to study from all of the materials from a specific study vendor, but not at such a high price cost.  

To do this here is what you will need to do, you will need to partner up with the study partner who would be willing to split your tutoring expenses and your self-guided materials expenses.  

To do that simply contact us from the let's chat icon at the bottom right corner of and tell us that you are on the budget and you are hoping to get help with getting recommendation for which study material to prepare for and get help in finding a study partner who would be willing to split your expenses and tutoring expenses and also looking for recommendation for which tutor to get.  

In such case, we can assist you with helping you find the right type of study partner who can split something with you at least something maybe not both tutoring expenses and study materials but perhaps only study materials (depending on the study partner).   Note we may find one or we may not, it depends on the market, specific exam you are preparing for FAR, BEC, REG, AUD your location, timezone etc....  

It's in our interest to help you find a study partner and a tutor and study materials, simply because we make a commission from that, we get paid from each sale of the study guide, and from every hour tutor teaches.  

Plus we actually want you to succeed, these who succeed and pass can actually become also CPA tutors and offer their services on our non-agency managed website with a verified icon showing that you passed CPA exam in your tutoring profile, helping you increase chances of making money teaching others by helping them also prepare for CPA exam.  To become agency managed tutor, you must have killer CPA course created and be very passionate about helping students prepare for CPA exam.  

Our marketing EDU agency can help you realize that goal as well, that is if you want to go beyond just taking CPA exam.   Our company intercepts CPA test takers from the early study academic life cycle and helps them not only prepare for CPA and do well but also help such students who did well and used our recommended study materials and passed CPA to become CPA  tutors and make money helping others, thereby motivating students even further in helping them prepare for CPA test, knowing that there is an actual reason that they want to do well on this exam and that reason is beyond just passing CPA.  For more info visit our CPA blog site.


Do you qualify to take CPA?  Did you look at Connecticut CPA license requirements yet?

Find out Connecticut CPA license certification requirements, on our sister test preparations blog site for your Accounting exam.  Discover exam fees, application process and more.

CPA Study Tip for CT and Fairfield County students

It's not secret if you are preparing for this exam the chances are that you already have researched its value and probably trying to pass it to break into the accounting field. 

Whatever the reason is to consider reviewing a variety of practice questions, study guides, and test preparation resources that we specifically listed for CT accounting students at our sister site or browse for your study resources below.

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