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The Algebrator, the Cure for Algebraphobia

The algebrator study guide can provide efficient and accurate answers to many complicated math formulas such as simplification, factoring, solving linear and quadratic equations, operations with functions, geometry, trigonometry, arithmetic and linear algebra. It is the best algebra solver tool created for the sole use of students having difficulties in the subject area. For a very affordable price, you can purchase the Algebrator and get on with solving your math homework problems easily and correctly.

For most people, algebra is their first really tough academic class. While a very few students have a natural affinity for it, most students struggle in algebra courses. Traditional calculators are helpful, but they’re not as beneficial as Algebrator, a software program that’s like having an algebra tutor in your computer.

Sometimes called Softmath after the company that originated it, Algebrator provides math homework help in both pre-algebra and algebra. Students simply enter a troublesome homework problem into Algebrator, and it provides the steps for the solution, with detailed explanations. Algebrator is the perfect cure for algebra-phobia! In addition to providing math homework help, Algebrator algebra solver software also provides students with practice tests and study guides that will help them understand their algebra texts and the lessons in algebra class better.

Although an algebra tutor is more suitable for those who prefer one-on-one, personalized math homework help, Algebrator is ideal for technology-loving students in Stamford who appreciate its cost effectiveness and its convenience. Unlike weekly math homework help from a private Stamford tutor, users pay for Algebrator software just once and then use it at their convenience—without having to schedule an online or home appointment with an algebra tutor.

If you or your child needs math homework help, but you’re not interested in hiring a private tutor, consider purchasing Algebrator software. It’s the perfect study tool for tech-savvy students who are struggling with algebra and pre-algebra.